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Helena Andersson - Bromma Airport, Sweden

Atticus saw Helena's wound and bothered to pull over and clean it.

"I could do that myself... you know," Helena muttered and grimaced as the cleaning alcohol stung while Atticus carefully worked. But she let him do it. He put on a bandaid big enough to fit the wound, then a little bandage and took the front seat again, resuming their journey to the airport. Helena had gotten not a few scrapes and injuries during her time Parkouring, so she knew that Atticus probably was right when he wanted to keep any kind of wound clean and free from infections. But she cared a lot more about the jacket. Briefly, she wondered if any Atlantean could have the power to magically sew things back together as if they were never broken. From what she'd seen, it wasn't impossible.

They reached Bromma, the smaller of the airports near Stockholm - the Atlanteans probably didn't want to cause a bigger commotion than they had to - and parked the car. Helena felt a bit naked when she stepped out from the car, but stayed close to Atticus as they walked into the airport buildings. Not that she trusted him yet, but it was either this man with a creepy tail who actually cared for her wellbeing, or those people in the other car shooting at them.

When they reached the gate, Helena was starting to feel her stomach growl and was going to ask Atticus if she could buy some food. But the red head seemed troubled with other things. He stopped and stared at the gate entrances.

"What?" Helena asked, but then saw for herself. Guards. The same kind that had been at the Atlantean centre. And she had fled from there... well, she had gotten kidnapped, but still. She had not registered. This could surely prove a problem. If only... Atticus was thinking the exact same thing.

"Hey... hey Helena. How good are you at your power?" he said to her.

Helena sighed. "I can make myself invisible and stay invisible for as long as I concentrate. But I can't... I don't think I can make you disappear as well. I've tried... with small objects and even that is difficult. Sometimes I do it without concentrating, but I can't really control that. Sorry," she said, making sure that no bypassers heard them.

Then she thought hard. If there was a friendly plane with friendly people on the other side of this gate, she wanted to get there without further ado. "How good are you with yours?" she asked him back. "Is the plane here and ready? If I sneak up to the big guard and distract him, can you block the syringe if the woman tries to jab you, and then run? Or do you have a better idea."

Helena could run, climb and jump. That was what she did for a living. She wasn't good at making up clever plans, she was just really tired of all the hostility towards them.
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