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    Originally Posted by Faihz89 View Post
    @Mizufluffy - oh im sorry for my mistake . i wont change them (atm building my Arceus team). im glad you tried it. probly you need some shedinjas/ beat my team.hehe. Do you have raptorball??
    and btw i tried your team, and it arent in good composition,tbh. Altaria is a waste, i think.

    anyone have shiny pokes?? i have many(including some legendaries), anyone wanna trade?
    No, I don't have raptorball.. Is it important or good thing to have?
    I know that Altaria isn't very good, attack / special attack are low, defences aren't that great either. Probably only two reasons why I'm having it in team is because it knows Fly and Sing. One for traveling and other for making it easier to catch pokémons. But I'd say its not the worst possible team. Of course it can be beaten very easily but I really didn't want to have legendaries in that team.. '
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