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    I would just like to say, that 3 vs 1 is almost completely unfair. I mean, everyone knows that three Gold Tribe members and one Silver Tribe Member is not exactly fair. For Gold Tribe, that is.

    Seriously though? I had to start taking notes of what attacks were taken by who. It was pretty fun to write though. Although, I do kinda feel bad about sending about 20 ancients to their death against Gold Tribe....oh well, I'm sure my cold heart will get over it, and I'll get back to slaughtering in no time!

    Anyways, happy Friday guys! Or, Friday for me at least. I dont know where the rest of you live, but happy Friday/weekend to all! Plus I get a four day weekend, which is pretty beast. Lotsa roleplaying!

    So, looking forward to how this turns out...

    Afterthought: DANG IT!!! I forgot to include the part about the wall exploding and This is where my laziness side comes in and puts out the excuse that my character just....didn't notice it? Bah! Fine, I'll go edit my post.

    *Grumbles about wanting to go to bed*
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