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Name: Nathaniel Ashner
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Position: Leader

Species: Toxicroak
Gender: Male
Nickname: None
Level: 28
Attacks: Poison Jab, Slam, Revenge, Earthquake, and Mud bomb

Species: Luxio
Gender: Female
Nickname: None
Level: 24
Attacks: Volt Tackle, Thunder, Charge, Crunch, Quick Attack

Species: Carnivine
Gender: Male
Nickname: None
Level: 27
Attacks: Giga Drain, Vine Whip, Bite, Leaf Tornado, Solar Beam

Species: Haunter
Gender: (Male
Nickname: None
Level: 26
Attacks: Facade, Glare, Curse, Shadow Ball


Nathaniel has long brown hair. It is unkempt and dirty. He has piercing blue eyes. He has pale skin and is around 6 feet. He wears a black T-shirt and ripped up jeans. Sometimes he wears sunglasses or a cap to hide his face from cops. He tries to make himself look as tough as possible. He is extremely strong and his muscle definition is astonishing. He takes advantage of this to make himself look and seem tougher. He wears dirty brown boots that go up to his knees. He is covered in scratches from the many times he has to hide from the cops and on his neck is a long scar that extends to the front side of his neck. He has skinny legs which allow him to run at high speeds.


Nathaniel tries to be your typical antagonist. He dislikes everyone that gets in his way. He is extremely paranoid and only trusts his closest grunts and his co-leader. He can be crazy and psycho at times and occasionally gets into fits. When he gets into these fits he slams things in rage and hurts people. He tries to stay calm around his grunts and co leaders but will often burst out in rage if they do something wrong. This is why most people are afraid of him. Nathaniel is extremely unrational and makes stupid decisions. Most of the time his co-leader will have to fix problems that Nathainel causes. Everyone hates him, even his pokemon. He doesnt think pokemon are anything but foolish creatures. He mistreats his pokemon and doesnt show any love and respect.

He is very courageous and will do anything for adventure. He pretty much just wants to be a kid adventurer. There is a very mysterious side to him. When he gets upset or sad he will become quiet and isolated. He wont talk to anyone and will just sit by himself and stare into space. He is really athletic and loves to show it off.


Nathaniel grew up in the slums of Unova. His mother and father were killed when he was only three years old. The only vague memory he has of them is watching them die. He was adopted by a loving family in Kanto. They took care of him and raised to be a nice and polite young man. When he was ten years mold he decided he wanted to be a pro athlete. He began training and got extremely strong. He became an unbelievable athlete and acheived feats that no one else could accomplish at his young age.

Nathaniels step-father died of cancer when Nathaniel was eleven. His step-mother became lonely and crazy from the event. She began to drink and she ran away. Nathaniel was then by himself. With no one to care for him. His immediate reaction was to find help but no one could help him. He became very upset and angry. No one in this stupid world could help him. He was outraged, so he decided to make money off stealing pokemon for people. He was hired by Team Rocket in Kanto. That was where he was given his Croagunk.

Nathaniel was an amazing grunt for Team Rocket and he made Giovanni overjoyed. He loved the thrill of stealing and hurting people. One day, he tried to steal an old woman's Arbok. As he crept up to take it. The Arbok turned around and bit Nathaniel. He became unconsious from the poison. As he woke up Giovanni thrashed at him. He was furious and he kicked Nathaniel out of Team Rocket. Nathaniel was furious at him self. He became lost in his own thoughts. He was slowly becoming a mad man.

In anger, Nathaniel formed a group of kids who have been angry at the world for one reason or another. They called themselves Team RoseCrystal and they seeked refuge from the world in the new Zivito region. They began their havoc there. Nathaniel was proud that he started this group. People feared him, and he loved it that way.

Other: Nathaniel is allergic to Diet Dr. Pepper xD
Bara's Storm As Evan
Pokemon: The Zivito Region As Ben and Nathaniel
Pokemon: Secret of The Stardust As GM XD (needs players)
Planet of the Pokemon As GM (also needs players d: )
The Elementals Rise as Brendan
Pokemon Fallout as Reggie
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