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    Originally Posted by d4rka8isz View Post
    I was looking at the Pokemon Clubs when I decided to check if there was a club like this and lo-and-behold, there was.

    Username: d4rka8isz

    How Did You Start Playing SSB?: When I was in kindergarten, one of my friends invited me over to his birthday party and he had Melee. I played one game only because it was whoever loses switches out and it was my first time. Immediately, I got hooked and pestered my dad to buy it for me.

    What Strategies/Characters do you use when playing?: When I want to win, I use Zelda, Marth, Yoshi, Lucas, or Luigi. Usually, I just put the marker on Random and let the game decide. Most of the time, I use Zelda though, because I like her Side A in the air.
    Awesome! You're in xD
    And yeah, Zelda's Side A is awesome xD

    Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
    Signup: Sector Revenge :D :D :D

    You should like..enlist the teammate onto the main post, so we can choose our favorite character (sort of like the Pokemon Club with partner Pokemon or something haha)

    I'd definitely choose Fox McCloud

    How did you start playing Super Smash Bros?
    I bought it because at the time I was a huge Mario Bros person and Mario was in it. (The N64 one first then Melee)

    Any thoughts/opinions about it?
    Mm it was great, no the best game I've played. One of 'em anyway. Although I didn't really become a DIE-HARD player until Super Smash Bros Melee.

    What strategies/characters do you use when playing?
    Honestly? I was undefeated when I was Fox McCloud. His Speed is what got me there. I've played just about..about 100 people or so in different locations in this game when I took my Gamecube (Yes this was Melee), no matter if it's by 50 lives or a close call, I'd always be victorious when I was Fox. Everyone else I was just an average player for however. I was good with Mario in the N64 Super Smash Bros, but that was about it. So yeah, that's why when I played Melee, my friends/family members would always want me to be someone else rather than Fox. Heck, I kept completing the main storyline and the adventure storyline over and over again with Fox and winning those custom 1v3 Battles on the hardest difficulty with no problem! haha Those were the fun times

    I never had a Wii nor seen Brawl personally. So unfortunately I never continued on (I went into the Xbox/360 world for Halo/Battlefield after). I haven't played Super Smash Bros in forever however, so I may need to get warmed up back on the controls for any matches I may get invited for. xD

    What is your opinion on the new SSB game coming?

    Honestly? When I get a job, for once, and get the money and the payment for insurance paid off. I may focus on getting a Wii & PS3. And when I get the Wii, I'll focus on getting Super Smash Bros Brawl for sure and getting back into the Nintendo Genre with Mario and Pokemon games once again. I don't really pay much attention to gaming anymore as of now, but wasn't there rumors that a newer Super Smash Bros was going to be released after Brawl?
    Heya Sector Revenge >.<
    Yes, the new SSB game is rumored to be called SSB4 and it's coming around this year so I suggest you better catch up by buying SSBB and trying to beat it in one month! xP

    Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
    Is it alright if I join please?

    Username - Banjora Marxvile

    Anyway, I have something from a past thread that could be something for people to try. I made a list of all the button combinations for attacks and the like, so people could think up a moveset (I remember a few being attempted with some detail), so if you want it, it is in Spoilers below:

    B -
    Side B -
    Down B -
    Up B -
    Final Smash -

    A -
    Up A -
    Side A -
    Down A -
    Running A -

    Side Smash -
    Up Smash -
    Down Smash -

    Up Throw -
    Side Throw -
    Down Throw -
    Back Throw -
    Grab Attack -

    Aerial A -
    Aerial Side A -
    Aerial Back A -
    Aerial Up A -
    Aerial Down A -

    Up Taunt -
    Down Taunt -
    Side Taunt -


    How Did You Start Playing Super Smash Bros.?
    I was the only one out of all my friends to own the original on N64 when it came out, and it was awesome. I taught my friends on it, and then Melee and Brawl came, so we all could enjoy it straight away! So technically, by being a bit of a braggart...

    What Are Your Thoughts/Opinions About It?
    Love it, should play it more, though a tad repetitive after a while. And no fun nowadays as my friends don't play it as much, and lag is unbearable online.

    What Characters and Strategies do you use whilst playing?
    All out fun, random characters because I get bored, and I don't plan, I improvise. Sees me through fine, as it is just a game.

    What is your opinion on the new SSB game coming out?
    If they can fix the lag on Wi Fi battles, I'm happy. If they can keep all the old characters and add more without breaking the game, as well as fix some of the characters from being as broken (as well as the Fan... Hate that thing...), it'd be one of my favourite games of 2012 (and trust me, it is a close one for games I got this year, as Pikmin 3 is rumoured for this year too)

    Hello there Banjora xD You're IN!
    Hm, I don't exactly get the moveset thing but I'll try doing it anyway xD
    Also, you just gave me an idea for our newest topic...

    Originally Posted by Shinigami_ View Post
    Username is Shinigami_; sign me up! have all three games and are a huge fan of them. looking forward to the one on the next console as well. xP
    Wow all three games? Did you get to finish all of them xD That's awesome, lol!
    In any case, you're in as well xD


    Which characters would you like to see in SSB4?
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