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    Originally Posted by war rock exe View Post
    SWEET!!!! I cant wait to play your hack, it's so awesome your putting all that hard work into your hack :)
    You'll probably be waiting for a while lol, but thank you for the support.

    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    sweet man. cant wait. if u need any banners, sigs or support banners let me know & il make some for you *all amazing hacks need a banner of some kind*
    If you could I'd be very thankful. I made the one in my sig, but it's kinda bland lol. Anything you can do to help. Thanks.

    Update: edited the OP a little and I'll finish editing it in the next 24 hours.

    Notice: If you want screen shots of anything let me know and I'll gladly get them for you.
    I'm Epitaph and I plan on releasing the first full-fledged Digimon hack of Pokemon Fire Red. We're getting close to the first release so come check it out in the Progressing hacks, and see how you can help us with the project.