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Originally Posted by mastern200 View Post
Loving Neo SoulSilver, quick question though, my eevee is holding the miracle seed, has leveled up a couple times, but still hasnt evolved to leafeon, does it have to be during the day/night, or am i missing something? Thanks
Look, sorry for taking forever to reply back to these, dude. My bad. :p

Anyways, thanks I'm happy to hear that. I'm really am happy to see that you're enjoying my game. Also, Eevee evolves into Leafeon holding the Miracle Seed at Daytime. Glaceon evolves with Nevermeltice, also daytime.

Um, it's not evolving while leveling up? HUH? I need to see if it can evolve on my copy. I know how to fix the problem, if it doesn't...I just need to double check, before going out my way to make a fix for it.

I...Uh, I guess should say this. To all who's playing Neo Soulsilver. Um...Err...I had accidentally removed the Exp. Share from the game. COMPLETELY.

Also, I guess I should point this out too, since it was just recently discovered.

There's no way in obtaining it...So, don't expect to find it. I didn't mean to do this. Ya see, the man gives you Charge Beam instead of Exp. Share, and I forgot to place it in another area. :\ I'll place it back once I finally decide to make another patch. Right now, I'm just busy with Yin Black/Yang White.

Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
My team just after the 2nd trainer in Nimbasa Gym:
lvl 41 Emboar
lvl 36 Electivire
Lvl 36 Zoroark
lvl 36 Misdreavus
Lvl 36 Zweilous
Lvl 36 Seismitoad
I trained hard to get these lvls since the gym has lvl 38 and above pokemon.
My team during Team Plasma Cold Storage Event:
lvl 50 Emboar
Lvl 48 Hydreigon
Lvl 46 Mismagius
Lvl 46 Seismitoad(now op'd with Scald)
Lvl 47 Electivire
Lvl 46 Zoroark.
Awesome, I'm so sorry for not checking your progress off. Anyways, your party coming along swimmingly. Hmm, so you've progress that much, hm. If you're at the Cold Storage Event...Does that mean you beat Clay?

Honestly, I don't remember...I haven't really played B/W in awhile now...Ya know, with NeoSoul.

LOL What are you flying on...Hydreigon? Did I make it able to use Fly...I can't remember if it can. :p

Anyways, keep me posted, okay? They're always so interesting. Oh, by the way...You didn't see any...ya know, bugs or glitches since you've been playing this hack. Cuz like I said, I haven't played this in awhile, so I wouldn't know...Anymore. :\
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