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    Don't worry about that, zantetsu...Cuz I'm sure not. To each their own; everybody are entitled to their own opinions, so just let it be.

    Anyways, getting to what you said...So, you've replaced Zoroark, huh?

    Yippers to that, Hydregion is much stronger...There's really was no reason to have two of the same type in your party. Well, only if you're a speical type a run, anyways. :p

    Vanilluxe should be fun to train, ya know. That was a good switch. LOL

    Anyways, Clay almost wiped you out...Damn, well it is a good thing you had Seismitoad. Scald really did help you. Burn FTW. Heheheh. Swampert is his strongest Pokemon for a reason, ya know.

    Alright, well...okay, but word of warning...I have no idea how to help you if it messes up on you. I don't use those types of thing...mainly, b-cuz I don't own an actual DS. LOL

    Thanks for trying it out anyways...I have heard that it can run on one, before, tho...
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