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    Any of the game developers here may be interested in implementing these into your game. This guy on Reddit posted an awesome photo of some new possible sprites for Eevee evolutions that span the rest of the pokemon types.
    Here are the sprites.

    I have some ideas as to how these new pokemon could be evolved into. Eevee could hold certain items and level up at max happiness (for example, holding a Macho Brace at max happiness, leveling up and evolving into the Fighting type, which has been dubbed "Champeon")

    Some other name for these could include:

    Ghost Type: Wispeon or Obliveon
    Bug Type: Buzzeon
    Flying Type: Aereon

    This seems like a good idea to me. I just have no idea how to do any of this. Feel free to implement my idea. Just tell me if you do, because i would love to be one of the first ones to play such a game.

    IMPORTANT: I have contacted this guy on Reddit (he goes by the name Aqua_Duck) to see if it is ok to use these sprites. As far as i know, they are his property. Please do not use these sprites until i know if permission is given or not. If he declines, then this thread can be deleted.

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