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    Originally Posted by qaz015393 View Post
    nice update Mitchel1. the pokepaper sounds like its gona be a nice item to get. glad to hear the bugs are fixed now.
    Thanks qaz, the POKéPAPER isn't a real item ;) Its just a paper you can buy each day to see whats going on in the world of Trion, you can compare it with a standard newspaper! =3

    I suppose I need to add screenshots to let people talk a bit xD Anyhow that wouldn't be a problem I guess! 'Cause I lately worked really hard on Dark cry and there has been alot been added without even let you know so this I keep secret 'till the game lauches!

    Anyhow I've a great new update today for you folks! I would like to introduce the... Trion collector! You might now wonder, wth is the trion collector? Easy! After you've beaten the first-gymleader the side missions around the world of trion will give you tokens, trion tokens they will get called!

    So easy said, when you finish the daily mission in Itacis city you'll earn for example 2 trion tokens, these can be collected and turned in for a high-value reward!

    That's the trion token part, besides that, I also added a new "fun" mission! Its something that really doesn't make sence but its a great mini-mission to continue your way! This mission is called: Move the books!
    What can I say? Take a look at the screenshots and they will tell you more!


    LaZ: Helping out with buffer item amount.


    World's first Trion Token collector!

    New mission, move the books!

    That's all for today people!