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Helena Andersson - Bromma Airport, Sweden

"They should be here," Atticus said and discretely gestured towards Gate 7AA. "Right through those gates. No, we shouldn't start a scene, we shouldn't give anyone a reason to put us in jail. A struggle will just inform other guards and then crap will just hit the fan. Maybe... uh..."

"What? You've got a better idea?" Helena asked and hoped that he had because that was what she had expected really.

"Okay, so, you can make yourself go invisible, right?" Atticus asked. Helena nodded. "Okay... um, so, if Annie was right, she and Natalia should be down there outside somewhere. Natalia could help. Maybe. If you take your metal stuff off and sneak through and get her... but what happens if... argh!"

He seemed frustrated. But Helena nodded again, slowly. "It'll work. What does she look like? Did I catch a glimpse of her in your car?"

When Atticus had described a little about Natalia's looks, Helena put the plan to work. She walked away to the toilets, where there were no queue at the moment. Inside, she turned invisible and took off her earrings and the white wrist watch. Then she walked out again, after making sure that she was still invisible. She sneaked back past Atticus and quickly stuck her hand down into one of his pockets, leaving the earrings and the watch there while whispering. "I'll want these back later."

Then she walked right up to the gate, heart beating and lots of doubts. The large man and the woman with the syringe stood still and didn't seem to see her... and she walked right past them without any trouble. She breathed out heavily, then realized that it might be heard. The large man actually turned around and looked in her direction with narrowing eyes. She clasped her hands over her mouth and stood completely still. She was invisible... She was... He turned back and Helena breathed out again, quieter this time.

She moved on, looking for anyone fitting Atticus' description. And there she was, walking beside a young man looking to be about Helena's age. She didn't bother to wonder who he was, she simply walked up to Natalia and started whispering in her ear, hopefully still invisible.

"Natalia," she said quietely. "Don't be scared. I'm Helena, the girl Atticus picked up, and I'm invisible. Atticus needs help to get past the gate guards." She hoped the woman wouldn't freak out. She looked like one to keep calm in any situations, to be honest.

((OOC: I hoped I didn't move things on too fast or godmod in any way :/ ))
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