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Name: William Botus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Starter: Houndour
Team: Lickitung, Houndour

Species: Lickitung
Gender: Male
Nickname: Gabriel
Level: 20
Attacks: Lick, Supersonic, Snore, Defense Curl, Hammer Arm, Zen Headbutt

Species: Houndour
Gender: Male
Nickname: Brutus
Level: 13
Attacks: Leer, Ember, Howl, Fire Fang, Rage, Counter

Appearance: Will is a boy of unimpressive height. He only stands 5'5" and probably won't get much taller in the future. Even for his stature, which might be considered short for his age, he doesn't pay much mind to it. He's feisty and anyone can see that when he glares with his amber eyes--eyes that look orange in the light. His hair is short and blond, standing low on the top of his head, but having a spiky feel to the touch. He has white Caucasian skin that has a small tint from a tan.

William usually wears dark colored clothes with a aqua blue hoodie over the top. His shirts vary in design and his shoes change just as much. William has shoes for a lot of occasions, it seems. The boy just likes shoes, and as a result, won't be wearing the same one two days in a row.

Personality: William is short, but feisty. Just because he's little doesn't mean you can push him around, he won't even give you the chance to think about it. Will comes off stronger than he needs to, meeting new people with a glare. Sometimes it seems like he never stops glaring. It's like he has a grudge against the world and it's your fault. There are no could be's and used to's about it. This is how Will has been since he was born and this is how he'll be until the rest of his life. He's like a rock. Hard and unmoving, slightly altering, but never truly changing. You could weather and erode a rock, but it won't stop being a rock, or at least some kind of rock-like mineral. All of this isn't to say Will is just a mean, heartless person, he's just naturally aggressive. His temper is quick to trigger and it can't be calmed down with just some nice words and a present.

Will gets what he wants, when he wants it, and no isn't an answer. He'll get people do do for him what he wants him to do, be it through bullying and hard, intense persuasion. He wouldn't steal from a store, but if you have something he wants you can be sure he's going to try and get it, by himself or with his pokemon. His attitude does rub off on them as well. It isn't uncommon to find his Lickitung bullying one pokemon or two.

If will had a passion, it would be in fighting. Will loves to fight, fist-to-fist, man-to-man. This whole solving your problems with your pets was stupid. Anyone could get a fire-type and completely smoke someone (pun not intended). If you wanted to prove a point, put your body on the table, not your pokemon. If challenged, Will wouldn't back down from anything. His head is too hot and he'd be having way to much fun. Winning he'd take like a champion and he'd get his prize from it too. Losing... Well let's just say he's a sore loser.

William only wants the best and baddest out of his pokemon. Through vigorous training or TMs, he'll manage to make his pokemon know the best of the best moves and know how to use them well. His pokemon were low now, but they could beat any kid that crossed his path; he could guarantee you with the look in his eyes. While overconfident at times, Will can sense when he's in a battle he can't win. He won't show a soul, though. He'll keep going by strong. Failure just isn't an option.

History: William was born in the Kanto region and he stayed there most of his life. With a stable family and a stable life, there was no reason for them to move. The only problem was that William was an only child. He didn't have much to do aside from hanging out with his friends, which he didn't do often because his parents would have him help around the house or at their job. To compensate for the lack of a second child, his parents gave him his very own pet, a Lickitung! They told him that they didn't want to see him battling with it. William had agreed. They wouldn't see him battling with it.

Let's face it, Will wasn't going to be that kid that didn't use his pokemon. When Will wasn't with his parents he was working hard to train his Lickitung, which the family had named Gabriel. The more they trained the more eager they were to do it and soon enough Will and Gabe were fighting to get away from the parents so they could go out. His parents took it as nothing more than closeness. It's no secret that Will loves his pokemon to death and Gabriel probably felt the same way. They were eager to find their new members of their little team, but were hindered by his parents restrictions. It was when they moved to the Zivito Region that things turned around. When he was offered the job as an undercover with his own pokemon well... How could he say no?
Other: (Anything else we should know goes here.)

I just have to say, thank you THANK YOU for not making me have to create an extensive history. I hate these things to death. XD

Name: Coby Duncan
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Position: Closest Grunt
Team: Archen, Skitty, Aron

Species: Archen
Gender: Female
Nickname: Pterry
Level: 25
Attacks: Pluck, Ancient Power, Agility, Quick Guard, Steel Wing, Quick Attack

Species: Aron
Gender: Male
Nickname: Ferris
Level: 25
Attacks: Metal Claw, Iron Defense, Take Down, Mud-Slap, Head Smash, Endeavor

Species: Skitty
Gender: Female
Nickname: Precious
Level: 27
Attacks: Fake Out, Attract, Zen Headbutt, Tickle, Assist, Wish

Appearance: Coby stands five feet and seven inches and still growing. Everything about him seems to be growing at once which seemed to give him a little bit of a gangling appearance. His muscle is slowly making its way to filling out those long, odd areas. Coby has brown hair and eyes. His hair is very thick and tends to strike out in all odd ends. He hides his untamed locks under a hat which he wears at all times.

When he isn't wearing his uniform (assuming they wear them...), Coby can be seen in a wide array of fashions. He isn't "in the know" when he comes to fashions and tends to wear anything in his closet. This could leave Coby ending up in some ridiculous combinations, especially when he's running low on nice clothing. If his style is particularly outrageous, he covers over it with a jacket.

Personality: Coby isn't the most... Proactive kid out there. He's actually kind of lazy. Coby would rather not do anything if he could. Doing things are just... Augh! Why work when you can play? He only likes doing things that seem fun at the time. He doesn't need a direction, he just needs entertainment. If things get boring, he'll back out, but until then he's all for it. Coby does his best to stick to the rules and mottos of Team RoseCrystal, but sometimes he might go off just for a little fun. He's done crazier things than just break rules, though. His favorite thing to do is acting and he's darn good at it. Coby believes that, to be a good actor, you must be a good liar and be able to immerse yourself in the role. He does just that. He can switch from one personality to another in two seconds flat. He could be the lazy, apathetic kid he is now and in the next moment become an active, excited young citizen in the next. He does it most often to people he doesn't know, mostly just to mess with them and have his own little fun. He doesn't always just pick a personality out of the blue, sometimes he waits for the other person to talk and forms one accordingly. There are some people who he's known for years that don't know his actual personality. But those people don't live on Zivita and if they did, they might have been disappointed in what he was doing now.

There aren't a lot of people that see Coby's true colors immediately, but there are some. His leader, whom he addresses as just as "Boss", knows full well and the people in his closer knit of friends in Team RoseCrystal. If he likes his character enough he'll give him a name, backstory, all the dressin's. Maybe even use him again. Sometimes he even references them in his own thoughts to give himself inspiration in tough situations.

Lazy and a liar, Coby takes life like a surf; going where the current takes him. When given an opportunity, he takes it (if it's on the right terms) and moves with it until his end. He doesn't see the need in stressing the world. If a Slakoth could chill through life, so could he, and he'd do it happily.

History: Coby was raised in the Hoenn region. Just like now, Coby was a pretty chill kid. He never really went above and beyond because he never thought he had to. He breezed through school, paying attention but getting lazy on work and tests. From the outside, Coby never seemed to have a passion for anything, but he did... He had the passion for acting. Even small he would act things out and most often with his Skitty. Precious was the first pokemon he ever had and he got it the day he was born. Precious hatched from her egg just days before Coby did and he didn't mind letting it be known she was older than him. He and Precious did everything together and Coby would sometimes sneak the cat pokemon into school with him.

Coby ended up it Zivita only because of it being open. His grandparents had moved there, thinking it was a wonderful place, and over the summer Coby went there to visit them. He had to admit, it was pretty nice. However while he was there thefts and things began to arise and soon the region was closed down and people were moved away. The only problem was Coby didn't leave with his grandparents. He had completely disappeared and the both of them thought, with tears of course, that he had been kidnapped. Just the opposite. He'd been in Team RoseCrystal and it was his time to stay. He didn't regret not going with them. He knew that as long as he didn't die, he'd see them again eventually.

Other: Out of all his pokemon, he absolutely loves Precious the most. None of his pokemon are on a higher pedestal than she is and he pampers her endlessly with love.

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