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Originally Posted by Star_struck_baka View Post
Name: Jayden Deans
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Position: Grunt
Team: Mightyena, Mightyena, Murkrow

Species: Mightyena
Nickname: Yena
Level: 23
Attacks: Shadow ball, Crunch, theif, sucker punch , Attract

Species: Mightyena
Gender: Male
nickname: Mighty
Level 23
Attacks: shadow ball, crunch, swagger, pay back, incinerate

species: Murkrow
Gender: male
Nickname: scarepigion
Attacks: Fly, peck, wing attack,night shade, mean look, foul play
Appearance: He has shaggy green hair that falls below his ears and covers some of his face. He has Slightly tanned skin from working outside. He has a medium build. He's tall at 6 feet with lengthy arm and legs. Has bright green eyes.
He wear the signature team rose crystal uniform. But when he's off duty or trying to blen in he'll wear his old trainer out fit which was a black hoodie with jeans grey t-shirt and Black sneakers. He often wear glasses when he's battling because he has poor vision.
Personality: Jayden in cold he gives everyone a bad attitude. He's defiant even among people of higher rank then him. He keeps a distance from most people only relying on his pokemon and their strength. He can be very malicious doing whatever it takes to get the job done. He is also careless with that fact that he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. He is spiteful and stubborn never giving up, and always willing to inflict pain on innocent people.
Now he's not all bad. He is just slightly misunderstood. He secretly loves his pokemon but thanks to team rose crystal he's lost sight of that and pushes them too hard. He Secretly wouldnt hurt a fly but he's lost sight of his passive nature. He has been blinded with promises.
History: Jayden once lived a normal life as a happy person. He had his mom and his dad and his pokemon. but as he got older his father acquired a large gambling debt at the game corner in celadon city. He made huge debt that his family couldn't pay off to avoid paying that debt Jayden's father took off when he was thirteen. To pay off his fathers debt, Jayden took up a job with team Rose crystal. Now heis using his prize pokemon for dirty work. After several years Team rose crystal has hardened Jayden into a real criminal. He now disregards his pokemon's feelings and pushes for the dark forces.
Other: He used to be on his way to becoming a cooridinator when he was still a trainer

finish later sorry social life is calling
DONE hope it okay i might add more im just trying to juggle alot of things my heart wasnt compltly in the one
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