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I'm 'grounded' right now, but I'm allowed on atm. So if I'm not on a lot that's why, but no worries my mom always gives in.

Kiklion you are accepted and accepted! Good job, welcome to the RP. William is my oldest brother's name, and their personalities are simmilar, awesomeness. xD

Quicksand you are reserved until Feb. 22nd! I put you as a co-leader because that was the only space left.

Star_stuck_baka you are accepted once again! Good job, again!


If you are not on the list on the first post, let me know, because I may have overlooked you while editing. There was lots of editing to do. I also had reserved one too many grunts, so now we have 3 grunts, which is fine because I debated on 3 grunts in the begaining anyways. Now we just need Quicksand's reserve, someone to reserve Vulpix, and then we should be able to start. And then we wont feel pressured about the gym leaders until the third one's battles are finished, because we have 4 atm, and we need to be able to have the next one ready when the chosen kids get to their gyms.

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