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Ok, so I tested the game out since this isn't getting much feedback(At least from what I've seen on here.) and I have to say I do like it. The graphics pretty much blend in well with the sprites, animations are pretty good and all, as well as the storyline/characters.

The game's pretty well-built, only a couple of bugs I found. The disappearing sprites like mentioned before, head underneath the well, getting too close to the NPC's again mentioned, When becoming Lugia, if you press the menu button it still shows Zapdos and Moltres, the first pokemon in the party shows Lugia's sprite like it should, but has Articuno's name. You should get one of your member's to remove Articuno/Moltres out of the party for this scene, un-checking initializing then putting them back when the scene's done.

Another problem, is when you move too fast then the game(As Lugia) no cutscene occurs with Ho-Oh, not even when you attempt to go back(Can't since your already in the meeting room of course) I had to re-load the game and wait a couple of minutes before entering the meeting room.

I think there was another problem like above^ though I forgot for what. Besides that though, the last thing I would like to point out(Besides some absence of Legendaries, I think Regigas was missing?+Phione/couple others) is that during the part where you try to go after Zorua at night, when you enter the cave and a cutscene occurs, after you come out it's morning. I don't know whether or not that's intentional(Cause I thought it might have emphasized they kinda wandered in the cave all night before getting out) but if it isn't intentional, it should be fixed for a better effect.

All in all though, the game was pretty good(When I got out of the swamp, I thought it was a bug until I realized the game was over, had to search around and clicking to make sure) the art you placed was pretty cute(I mean that in a good way, not trying to offend you or anything) and the bosses you definitely needed to level a bit to beat Sceptile, I was kinda glad you didn't have to beat the three dogs at the beginning(Cause I was close to dying)

So I pretty much liked the game, but without that catching(Or recruit like in Mystery Dungeon) I often tried to escape battles and didn't bother to level up unless I needed to. It's kinda the point you bother catching pokemon in the actual games, you use them to make your team stronger.
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