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    My most favorite fighting game! I wanna join!

    Username: PokeRaidenFighter350Z

    How did you start playing Super Smash Bros?
    When I saw others playing it at a game store. So I decided to try it out.

    Any thoughts/opinions about it?
    After my first play, it became my most wanted game. But I didn't have a Wii, and SSBB was the only game I played. As soon as I got my Wii, SSBB was the very first game I play.

    What strategies/characters do you use when playing?
    None because I have no one to play with due to have NO possibilities of an Wi-FI connection. I like ALL the characters so I choose Random all the time. On my records Lucario, Fox, and the Ice Climbers are my 3 most used characters due to the Random block giving me these 3 fighters a lot, especially Fox.
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