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    Originally Posted by arbok View Post
    ooo a SSB club, I love that game.
    How Did You Start Playing Super Smash Bros.?
    I haven't played the old ones but I played Brawl at a friend's house and really liked it so I got it for myself.
    What Are Your Thoughts/Opinions About It?
    It's great fun.
    What Characters and Strategies do you use whilst playing?
    well my best characters are Bowser, King Dedede, Pikachu (don't spam), Ivysaur and Charizard (not so much Squirtle) and Meta Knight. So a real mixed bag. Don't really have strategies, I just know my character's moves and when is best to use them.
    What is your opinion on the new SSB game coming out?
    woo-hoo. Please make the story clearer though...
    Which Characters would you like to see in SSB4?
    Well I'm not going to lie here. I know very little of the franchises beyond Mario, Pokemon and Sonic. Know a little bit of Zelda but other then that I'm lost. Would love to see Bowser jr. as a form of 'Bowser light' and if Jigglypuff makes the game then Meowth must be in this one. If they're going to include more Sonic characters then it should be either Tails or Eggman himself.
    Alwight, arbok, you're in!

    Originally Posted by Banjora Marxvile View Post
    It's simple dragon, you put the move names and/or details of the moves next to the controls, as you envisioned they would work for a character you want introduced.
    Ohh, I see xD
    That's a great idea, and I'm pretty sure that's what Kenshin did below you lol...
    *does it as well*

    Originally Posted by Kenshin5 View Post
    Username: Kenshin5

    How did you start playing Super Smash Bros?: Just thought of it as an appealing game back when I played 64 so I bought it and found it to be quite enjoyable.

    Any thoughts/opinions about it? As said above I found it to be appealing. I am not usually a fan of fighting games but this one strikes me different as the rest. It's like there is more to do then fighting which separates it from other fighting games that are just only fighting and that's it. Then there is the wide range of players from different franchises which also appeals to me as well.

    What strategies/characters do you use when playing? I really use everyone, since I haven't played in competitions or competitively for that matter. I more akin to the characters with rapid attacks such as Fox, Falco, Marth, Captain Falcon. I haven't played much of Brawl but I do like Meta Knight(which I heard is broken and open to spamming), Sonic, Ike. Not all of them I have played with as of yet though.

    What is your opinion on the new SSB game coming? I hope they don't ditch characters I actually like. Which is what they did with Mewtwo and Roy. I really can't form an opinion when we really have no info on it as of yet.

    Which characters would you like to see in SSB4? First and foremost Megaman he is one of my favorite characters and franchises. So if they have Megaman(bad box art one aside), I will be extremely happy with the roster. My guess is he would be Classic Megaman, X is unlikely as well as Hub and Volnutt. Don't really consider Starforce or ZX much of Megamans.

    I am pretty sure they will retain the first 12 without a doubt. And I am sure they will retain most of the Brawl roster as well.

    Mario Series [5 Reps]
    - Mario
    - Luigi
    - Peach
    - Bowser
    - Waluigi (New Comer)

    Notes: Since Mario is one of the longest running and one if not the most popular Nintendo Franchise then I could see the need for more characters. Other choices that I can think of would be Bowser Jr. or Toad. Although Toad seems a bit generic for my liking. Waluigi would complete the Mario, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi grouping.

    Donkey Kong [4 Reps]
    - Donkey Kong
    - Diddy Kong
    - Dixie Kong (New Comer)
    - King K. Rool (New Comer)

    Notes: Honestly Diddy was over due when it came to Brawl I felt he should have been in Melee. Donkey to me at least deserves one more rep, although I'd like to see two. Dixie is another one of the Kongs and adds a female to the roster. King K. Rool is the antagonist.

    Yoshi [1 Rep]
    - Yoshi

    Wario [1 Rep]
    - Wario

    Zelda [5 Reps]
    - Link
    - Zelda/Sheik
    - Ganondorf
    - Toon Link/Yong Link
    - Ghirahim (New Comer)

    Notes: I don't if they retain either Toon or Yong Link or which one stays or comes back. Or if they just completely replace them. I know a lot of people would like to see Ghirahim on the roster so I put him there.

    Pokemon [4 Reps]
    - Pikachu
    - Jigglypuff
    - Pokemon Trainer
    - Zoroark/Victini (New Comer)

    Notes: I don't think we need both Zoroark and Victini in the same game but I do envision either of them as part of the roster to represent Gen V. This may cause Lucario to get replaces unless they retain him. And I'd prefer Mewtwo return above any of the other characters available. For Pokemon Trainer I'd like them to change the chose to 2nd, 3rd, 4th gen pokemon instead of retaining Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard.

    Kirby [3 Reps]
    - Kirby
    - King Dedede
    - Meta Knight

    Notes: I don't play much Kirby but I am sorry they could get enough reps with the games they have active like Epic Yarn, Mass Attack, and the Games on E-Shop

    - Fox
    - Falco
    - Wolf
    - Krystal (New Comer)

    Notes: I have noticed a good deal of people want Krystal in the game, and this is yet another series I am not familiar with so I don't know if he is necessary she be added or not.

    Earthbound [2 Reps]
    - Ness
    - Lucas

    Metroid [2 Reps]
    - Samus/Zero Suit Samus
    - Ridley (New Comer)

    Notes: Another series that I am not really familiar with, but at the very least they should include Ridley in some for in the new game rather it be boss or playable character.

    F-Zero [2 Reps]
    - Captain Falcon
    - Samurai Goroh (New Comer)

    Notes: Don't know if F-Zero really deserves another character. Pends if they make a new game on Wii U. Just picked Samurai Goroh because he was an assist trophy.

    Fire Emblem [4 Reps]
    - Marth
    - Ike
    - Roy/Krom (New Comer/or Returning)
    - Hector/Eliwood/Lyn/Ephraim/Eirika/Black Knight(Zelgius) (New Comer)

    Notes: I really feel Fire Emblem needs at least one more Rep. If any are Reps then I feel it should be Lords or Black Knight. With Hector and Ephraim we would finally get one that doesn't primary use a sword. With Lyn and Eirika it would add another female character to the rost. Eliwood is another lord not to mention Roy dad. I'd love to see Roy back, and since Krom is the newest Lord he may be in there instead. Personally I'd love 4 or 5 reps but I feel more realistically there will be 3. If I had to chose one it would probably be Hector or Ephraim. Lyn is also an assist trophy.

    Kid Icarus [3 Reps]
    - Pit
    - Palutena (New Comer)
    - Medusa/Magnus/Dark Lord Gaol (New Comer)

    Notes:I feel Kid Icarus needs at least one more rep. Since Sakurai is behind it more then likely it will get 3. Personally I'd love Magnus, but either of them are fine.

    Pikmin [1 Rep]
    - Captain Olimar

    Notes: Not familiar with this series, so if they retain one rep I am content with that.

    Retro [5 Reps]
    - Mr. Game & Watch
    - Ice Climbers
    - R.O.B
    - Little Mac (New Comer)
    - Chrono (New Comer)

    Notes: Since Little Mac is an assist Trophy I can see them added him. Just threw Chrono in there.

    Golden Sun [1 Rep]
    - Issac (New Comer)

    Notes: I've seen a lot of people hoping for Issac as a rep.

    Third Party [4 Reps]
    - Sonic
    - Shadow/Tails(Miles)/Knuckles (New Comer)
    - Snake
    - Megaman (New Comer)

    Notes: As already stated I definitely want Megaman in. Sonic and Snake already in Brawl. Shadow was an assist trophy, but I'd be fine with either Tails or Knuckles. I'd also like Eggman as a Boss.
    Yeah, Eggman should definitely be a boss xD
    I think the game would be broken if Ridley (or Meta Ridley) were to be a playable character though >.<
    And yeah, Megaman should somehow join as a newcomer too xD
    Oh, and you're in and thanks for joining!

    Originally Posted by PokeRaidenFighter350Z View Post
    My most favorite fighting game! I wanna join!

    Username: PokeRaidenFighter350Z

    How did you start playing Super Smash Bros?
    When I saw others playing it at a game store. So I decided to try it out.

    Any thoughts/opinions about it?
    After my first play, it became my most wanted game. But I didn't have a Wii, and SSBB was the only game I played. As soon as I got my Wii, SSBB was the very first game I play.

    What strategies/characters do you use when playing?
    None because I have no one to play with due to have NO possibilities of an Wi-FI connection. I like ALL the characters so I choose Random all the time. On my records Lucario, Fox, and the Ice Climbers are my 3 most used characters due to the Random block giving me these 3 fighters a lot, especially Fox.
    Heya PokeRaidenFighter350Z! You're in and thanks for joining >.<
    So since you keep on using random characters, does this mean you're good with all of them? :3


    So anyway, as Banjora Marxville said, I think it would be a good idea to somehow define the characters we want. But for now I'm doing what Kenshin did >.<

    - Mario
    - Luigi
    - Peach
    - Bowser
    - Waluigi [Newcomer]

    Donkey Kong
    - Donkey Kong
    - Diddy Kong

    - Yoshi

    - Wario

    - Zelda
    - Link
    - Toon Link
    - Ganondorf

    - Pokemon Trainer - Emboar, Dewott, Snivy
    - Jigglypuff (you can never get rid of Jigglypuff)
    - Some filler to replace Lucario

    - Kirby
    - Meta Knight
    - King Dedede
    - Knuckle Joe [Newcomer]

    - Fox
    - Falco
    - Wolf
    - Slippy / Krystal [Newcomer]

    - Ness
    - Lucas

    - Samus

    - Captain Falcon

    Fire Emblem
    - Ike
    - Marth
    - Roy

    Kid Icarus
    - Pit

    - Captain Olimar

    Metal Gear Solid
    - Snake

    I think that's pretty much it, lol... the rest would either stay the same or do whatever >.<
    So yeah, that's the roster I want xD
    I'll add the movesets sooner or later... >.<

    Though speaking as a Darkrai fan, it would somehow be cool if Darkrai were to join... hmm...

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