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    Originally Posted by Ravecat View Post
    I agree with that as well, and I too am surprised they haven't already been in a game.

    Then again, they probably have at some stage. I know I contemplated it.
    Here is another idea. Why not make a game with Eevee and ALL of its possible evolutions at its center? Make Eevee the focus of the game. I'm sure a storyline can be made for this. I can probably even come up with a good storyline. Its just....I am a complete and utter noob at making a game. I have no idea how to code or anything. I just have a creative mind.

    Edit: Matter of fact, i actually have a few good story ideas already. Here's a sample of my ideas. Theres a new region of the Pokemon universe (enter name Here). In this region, Eevee is a mythical pokemon. There is only one said to exist there, and whoever is the owner of the Eevee is the prophesied Champion. For whoever holds the Eevee, holds the power of the elements themselves, being able to choose whichever type Eevee becomes. There is an evil gang (insert name here) in this region who are searching for Eevee in order to obtain Ultimate Power. Your character is the Champion of the Prophesy, and you find Eevee in the Mystic Woods while exploring with your Trainer School Classmates. There are no gyms, no badges, no Elite Four (in a sense). Instead, you are tasked by the Prophesy to take down the evil gang and its leaders of which there are nine. Eight gang strongholds and one Boss Stronghold, in which you take on 4 Elite gangleaders and the Boss himself in Elite Four fashion. The purpose of the Evil gang is to try to take the Eevee from you. After you beat each Stronghold and its leader, you get artifacts that act like the badges.

    This is just the beginning of a storyline. Talk to me if you would like to continue with this at all.

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