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    …You called?

    I'd like to take that spot for a cause of a large portion of mapping and scripting, IMO one can not function without the other, so… yeah '.

    Currently the only demonstration video I've made is quite shotty and was made under a loss of sleep, so even though I'm attempting to pull a 36-hour day again tonight, I promise I'll do better for my next two minute clip, K?

    I've finally completed my second hacking demo as alleged proof of my skills. It's six minutes long, so don't be surprised if I missed a few small things ;. (Finally, a 16:9 frame! ;D)

    Here's a formally filled-out form for your records.
    Team Registration Form

    More from me

    I am an advanced programmer of HTML and CSS, and I'm learning JavaScript and PHP, as well as non-web scripts such as VB.NET. I also am quite familiar with the Windows command line, such as I am with batch scripts. These may possibly prove of value to you… as I wish to help with the posting of thread updates and maybe IPS snapshots sometime. Will you consider this further amendment to my team membership?