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    Hey, there guys Since Walrein is newly under the new management of yours truly, I'd just like to say.. COME BACK TO LIFE GUYS. I've done some clan work, and amongst them is updating the first post with all your wins! Well, sort of.

    I've replaced the wins system with an EXP system. You can read more about it i the first post, but what it really does is make it easier for our clan tournaments to have prizes that can be widely distributed. I've also modified our ranking system a bit. However, to meet with the new, high demands, you also gain EXP when you lose a battle, so it's really not as bad as it may look at first glance This also means that in addition to only posting wins, you'll be posting losses as well And hopefully you'll sum up how many wins and losses you've had since the last update to make things easier on me

    Speaking of tournaments though, Anti and I have spoken at length.. kind of, about creating a clan-member only tournament all for ourselves. We haven't worked out the kinks yet, but I plan for the winner to win at least somewhere in the ballpark of 500 EXP. I think that's pretty reasonable Runner Up can win 250. And maybe we could have a third-place battle for 100 EXP. Either way, I plan for the tournament to emphasize our new EXP system :]

    Also, this next matter of business means you really need to spark some activity into your body and get to warming up. A clan war will be happening soon, with Nica's Sacred Wings clan. and Obviously, we have no intentions of losing PCs first clan war in forever.

    Welp, quick post turned out longer than I thought it would but still shorter than how long I can make it GIST of it all, come back, battle, have fun, and get ready for that war