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I might as well join, I did just start playing Super Smash again recently and have been really enjoying it even though right now I abosolutely suck.

Let's see, I started playing Super Smash at a friends house on his N64 and loved it. I chose Fox and pretty much stuck with him from the get go because he's by far the best character in every SSB game there is and ever will be. I did start to use Pikachu in Brawl and kicked a fair bit of butt but I had to stop because the people I vs didn't enjoy playing against someone they couldn't kill once :( They also thought I was cheap because I never had to change my tactic (They would run into me, I would use down A and spin around, send them flying and occasionally use thunder and kill them. Then they would run into me again and I would simply repeat what I did. Apparently that makes me cheap more than it makes them stupid but w.e)

I really enjoy the games, they're the only console games I find myself consistantly playing from when they're released well into the life of the next console (Hell, I'm playing Melee right now). My only complaint is the horrible online play in Brawl.

I'm not sure tbh. I hate that WiiU tablet controller thing but I love the fact that they said it will utilize the 3DS as well and hopefully have a good online system instead of that horrible mess that is Brawl's online play. Character wise I couldn't care less as long as Fox is still a total badass.