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Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
My current team:
Currently in rotation:
Boxed forever:
Emboar. He's strong and bulky, but he's too slow. Unlike Mienshao and Infernape.
I'm sorry for taking forever to answer these. Anyways, so I'm just gonna reply to both comments. I'm sure they'll merge once I'm done. LOL

Anyways...Yeah, Emboar is slow...But that's Flame Charge for. :p Did you get the second ability; Sturdy?

Tho, whatever I do like the addition of Mienshao and Infernape. Infernape is still kinda frail, but his high offensive stats and speed makes up for that. And Mienshao learns a few Psychic type moves...I think...

If you don't mind, but could you tell me which abilities they have. I think you'll find Infernape second one to be very...interesting...

I'm surprise you were able to find a wild starter, seeing how they encounter rate is 1%...Well, unless you found it in shaking grass. They're kinda common in those. :p

Anyways, I like how you rotate your Pokemon. I never had the patience to do that. Once I find my six, I never switch'em out.

I still catch Pokes, but they're usually HM slave, or in the computer never to see the light of day. Yes, Pokemon cruelty to its fullest, baby. LOL

Originally Posted by zantetsu122 View Post
Just swept through Skyla's gym using my brand new Gigalith.
Awww...But Gigalith rapes Flying Type anyways. How did it get pass Swanna...Hmm, Sturdy, right?

Anyways keep me posted please...I like seeing these updates, my friend.
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