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Originally Posted by Ravecat View Post
I also don't believe this Aqua_Duck fellow is the original author.
Not trying to be a mini mod but if this is true than this Aqua duck has stolen some other work =[

Plus there is a game in development that has its called pokemon super eevee edition, and its almost done, if you didnt hear about it than look it up.

The only reason why those are not implemented in a game until now is probably that there are no backsprites and noone bothered to do some of those.

AlsoI don't think it was right to post this thread when you didnt even know if the creator accepted that his fakemon are allowed to be used(again not trying to be a minimod) =[

But thanks because i never knew about this before =]

EDIT: Also no those are not backsprites
<--- this is a backsprite.
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