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    Originally Posted by PokeRaidenFighter350Z View Post
    I don't know about Ridley though because what attacks can he wield as regular attacks, grappling and stuff? If there was a Final Smash ball like in Brawl, what will his Final Smash be?
    Well as you asked.
    Regular attacks are simple (punching, headbutts, attacks with wings, maybe biting)
    Movement is slowish as Ridley is at home in the air not ground but can 'fly' to the same extent as Meta-Knight or Charizard and is still quicker then most other brute characters like Bowser or Ganondorf.
    special attacks:
    plasma breath for no direction
    Down- stomp (like Bowser or King Dedede)
    Up- rapid flying spin-thing (like Charizard or Wario)
    left or right- Charges/swings with massive tail

    Final Smash:
    Ridley becomes Meta-Ridley gaining size, invulnerbility and powering up attacks.

    So basically play style would be not too diffrent from Charizard with bits of a Bowser play style mixed in with it. I've really just used moves other Characters have in Brawl let alone what other attacks come in on SSB4
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