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Well it seems everyone has the characters picked out. But I would love to see a selected few in the newer SSB game

Krystal (I LOOOOVE her, she was my character in the Star Fox Assault game and only I can be her)

Also a few Mario characters would be awesome:
1) Waluigi
2) Daisy
3) Toad
4) Shadow Mario!!
5) Metal Mario...maybe?

Star Fox members:
Wolf is in SSBB? Sweeeeeet!!
Pepper and Slippy, heck, include all the Star Fox team! Of course, Krystal as I mentioned her earlier

Sonic members:
I saw Sonic was in SSBB, awesome. What about the rest?
Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, etc

I can't remember the rest from this point on..

I need to get Super Smash Bros Brawl....I feel like I'm being left out in the dust!!