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Originally Posted by [Snivy Baroque] View Post
can anybody give me tips on my team, I have: Haunter, Gyarados, Croconaw, Ho-Oh, Ampharos, Espeon........all in HG, I'm currently grinding them to level 40 for the Elite 4, but need help figuring out a good Moveset for each.
Note we have an in-game team help section (subsection of the Competitive Battling Centre section) that may be of use for you, especially if you post your team there with their current movesets. As for movesets, basically avoid keeping weak HM moves on them for the E4 such as Cut (you can delete those via the Move Deleter in Blackthorn) and don't have multiple moves of the same type on the same Pokemon if you can help it (so for Croconaw don't go with Surf, Water Gun and Waterfall, as that's pointless; the more variety in typing you have the better).

Both Gyarados and Croconaw would actually benefit from waterfall over surf given their superior physical attack stats but if need be I suppose Surf fits Croconaw better. Keep the likes of Crunch for those if you get it, and Ice Fang for Gyarados would be useful at the end of the E4. Ampharos can get Fire Punch via move relearner in blackthorn (need a heart scale). That's some notable stuff off the top of my head; hard to say though given I don't know what they currently know.