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    Beep beep; stupid new kid, comin' through.

    Name: Avanto

    Nickname: Aside from simply preferring to be addressed as the pokemon from which he's given power Avanto tends to go by multiple titles “The Nocturnal Man-Snatcher”was a nice handle the locals gave him after a few months, he tends tocome up for many for himself “The Twenty Fingers of Cleansing”,“The First Priest of the Purge”, “The Holy Genocide” and “TheHa-bringer” amongst other things. His family used to call him“Avvy”.

    Age:12 (and three quarters,mind you!)


    Appearance: One look makes it quite obvious that the boy doesn't care much for typical societal norms of cleaning the grime of the earth off, a closer look will show it's probably because he prefers being caked with blood. Trying to stay fused as often as possible his torso bears a second set of arms, all four being quite muscular and each having a different colored ringed emblem on the back of the hand. In place of conventional shoes he has a makeshift set, small pieces of metal for heels wrapped in a once white cloth, now dyed red and held in place with fastening bands. His simple cloth pants are held together with a pair of strips on his ankles to reduce wind resistance and a set on his kneecaps, holdingon some metal and rope knee guards. His upper body has a torn green vest covering it, though often it itself is covered by a few sheetsof metal, painted black with a few white spots in resemblance of an insect's shell. His eye color is unknown as they're almost constantly obscured or guarded by a thick set of circular goggles, the lenses covered in a series of red smudges to the point where they look to bepainted that color. Overall he stands a bit shorter than someone of his age and has developed a narrow face. When fused a small pair of black antennae twitch idly, hidden in the expanse of his coffee-brown hair, streaks of different shades of green on certain strands; theresult of a few unsuccessful dye-jobs.

    Personality: Brutal, cold, indifferent, violent. Avanto tends to shamelessly embody these things. Seeking retribution from “previous sins” he thinks himself to be morally superior and enlightened withhis new-found powers. He sees himself as a demigod and a bringer of anew era in which he is chosen to bring back goodness to the earth. Hefollows rather flawed ideals, having virtually forgotten nor met anyone with superhuman capabilities like him and is isolated from society, only his spirit to accompany him in any form. He possibly suffers a bit of dementia, thinking Arceus speaks to him specifically at times and commands him to do bidding, this has caused him to become a fanatic of his own logically fallacious religion. He plans to kill anything and anyone he can in hopes of eventually “purging”the earth of humanity, convinced that there's nothing on the planet can be sapient and good at the same time. His time in isolation has taught him to have bloodlust and how to survive but disabled much of his simple logistics, getting nearer to being a threat to himself every day as he follows his own interpretations of the laws given to him. Virtually impossible to reason with and bearing confidence of holy invincibility he can only be reached by being outdone in physical prowess or exploitation of his psychological state.

    History:The only child of a botanist and florist,Avanto was never truly a very “good” kid by most any definitions.Though his parents often tried to get him to follow the trade ofplant life he'd quickly become discouraged, lacking the patience todo such and feeling that if he'd devoted his life to observing “the precious gifts of nature” that he'd be doing no more than his parent's will, no doubt the common ground the two had met over. After abandoning what he assumed to be his parent's dreams he'd never become much of anything and was often simply in the background of things, never courageous to try something for himself. Those two parents with high hopes for him and a lack of peers who would accept him he was forced to try and mature quickly to keep from being hurt, an outcast isolating himself. This was done rather poorly as he's just scarcely above an average level of intelligence, unfit body and a suppressed curiosity for the world. He's brought himself to think that one has to harm others for your own safety and hasn't been swayed from such an idea. Weaker humans, but more often pokemon abused, and on occasion even killed when he could get away with it, he'd embarked on a murderous path. If anything these most recent events are the only thing noteworthy he's ever done, his abilities now letting him more than ever express his violent ideology and allowing him to defy the social bindings he once thought himself to be held by, no longer needing to rely on a judgmental family and alienating peers to survive in the lawless frontier of the new world.



    Nickname: Lunar


    Lunar tends to be rather silent, if not absent. Though it could be mistaken for neglect as Avanto gradually loses his mentally stability it's generally just her being passive and hesitant, often caught in a moral struggle of how to react toAvanto's constant killing. Able to understand the necessity of such but questioning the often tormenting methods he employs. As such she's rather reclusive, having never revealed any true nature and nearly lacking any relation with Avanto past a constant presence.

    Moves (Maximum of 6. TM and egg movesare allowed. These are the moves your character gets when they fuse):

    Bug Buzz

    Dizzy Punch

    Silver Wind

    Giga Impact

    Aerial Ace


    Opening Post (This will be what we useto determine whether your writing skills are good enough. Ifaccepted, you may feel free to copy paste your post here into the ICthread.): I would recommend a minimum of 8 lines and a maximum of 20.

    Blood; that's what tasted best,especially those of others, it's what the master wanted, it was theforce that propelled the world into state it was now, that which itwas beforehand and soon the aftermath this world would face. It washis face's paint, his lineage, his binding to mortality and his past deeds, but also to the race which he was now so disgraced. As the boy sat there, cross-legged, rubbing green fluid through his wispycollection of now mismatched brown and-green he murmured lightly to himself. “I'll just kill everything else which shares this blood until it is my own and mine only. He'd be proud...” Then he'd stop, two fingers pressing together against the thin antennae hiding within the flowing forest of his head, his other arms crossed whilst he looked out overthe landscape and up to the dusk. “Or perhaps...he wanted me to make them repent. But then without example of the extent of their wrongdoings and how they must pay nobody would.” He shook his head,resting all four of his hands in his lap as he stared off into the sky, practically sensing the exact positions of the oncoming stars in the night,his hair flowing slightly without wind; his antenna’s constant twitching taking care of such motions. Slowly lying back he covered his eyes with one hand and sighed softly, still lying amongst the tram's wreckage, just momentarily longing to be engulfed in the sounds of nature he once detested.
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