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    Chapter 4 - The Melancholy of Bernkastel Vermillia

    Your third day in the God's Realm has arrived, and wheither you like it or not, you will be forced to participate in a post-games show. It's interview time; the best few minutes you have to gather as many wealthy sponsors as you can. Will you have the points to afford a shiny weapon outside the arena? Or will you be unable to afford that antidote for your survival?

    What's Happening?:
    Immediately after breakfast, a new character will greet your main contestant. This person will be your designer and the person that manages your points, It's their job to make sure you survive and win.


    Akira -- Natruo The Gamemaster (Controlled By Eevee)
    Shizuka -- Malphias; Lesser God; Nervous/Awkward (Controlled By Eevee)


    Ryuu -- Somal; Nekooni; Politely rude (Controlled By Eevee)
    Xavier -- Seere; Horned Demon; Mute (Controlled by Eevee)


    Kerin -- Raum; Higher Vampire; Stereotypically gay (Controlled by Eevee)


    Raike -- Venius; Higher God; Humorous/Animated (Controlled By Eevee)
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