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Originally Posted by arbok View Post
About Ridley...
His size has varied many times over the games with Super Smash bros. Brawl uysing one of his largest forms. Ridley's smallest size is actually about the size of Bowser so it's possible. I actually really want a playable Ridley as he's my favourate character in the Metroid franchise. Ridley is coming out in the top 5 in most polls about newcomers in SSB4 which was how Meta-Knight and Wario got in Brawl so I'm hoping for playable Ridley :D he's almost guarantied, at least, a return as a boss though as, what I think, the most iconic villian in Metroid.
I presume these are top 5 polls on various forums and not Official polls the producers ask for characters. If they can down size then great, I just can't think of anyone else as Iconic to the series as him.

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Well it seems everyone has the characters picked out. But I would love to see a selected few in the newer SSB game

Krystal (I LOOOOVE her, she was my character in the Star Fox Assault game and only I can be her)

Also a few Mario characters would be awesome:
1) Waluigi
2) Daisy
3) Toad
4) Shadow Mario!!
5) Metal Mario...maybe?

Star Fox members:
Wolf is in SSBB? Sweeeeeet!!
Pepper and Slippy, heck, include all the Star Fox team! Of course, Krystal as I mentioned her earlier

Sonic members:
I saw Sonic was in SSBB, awesome. What about the rest?
Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, etc

I can't remember the rest from this point on..

I need to get Super Smash Bros Brawl....I feel like I'm being left out in the dust!!
1. Completely content with.
2. Seems like a clone of Peach, which they seem to already have the Daisy like colors in Peaches clothes.
3. Take Toad out of Peach moveset, it would seem weird to have Toad playable and as a move. Too me Toads don't stand out any more then any other mass character i.e. Goomba, Koopas, Hammer Bros, etc.
4. Shadow Mario is essentially Bowser Jr. so it would make more sense at least to me to add Bowser Jr. to the roster.
5. Use Metal item and you have metal Mario. Not need to waste a slot on Metal Mario when the move set would probably be a virtual clone. Not to mention more viable option imo with Paper Mario.

As far as the rest, the Sonic franchise just wanted to get its foot in the door. Not to mention the 3rd Party status it and Metal Gear Solid have.
Heres a list of Characters.

Originally Posted by arbok View Post
yes, Krystal gets the Arbok seal of approval. Slippy would also be awesome (I'd actually prefer him to Falco who seems a Fox clone to me).

Mario characters, whilst I love Waluigi in a weird way and at first was disapointed he didn't make the Brawl Player Characters I can't see what he'd bring. When you've got Mario, Luigi and Wario who are all more iconic then Waluigi I don't see why another character should be denied for him. The same goes for Daisy being so much like Peach and all the Mario versions. I think that stuff would be better reflected in skins or something for characters.
I think the best Mario characters to add would either be Toad or Bowser jr.

Also I just remembered, Meowth in SSB4 anyone? He's certainly more recognised then Lucario.
I concur which is why I am a little hesitant when it comes to Waluigi. If they added another unique character then they could give it a completely new moveset.

Meowth may be more recognized but it seems highly doubt. Zoroark seems to be the logical replacement. I think they would have included Meowth by now if they were going to do it. Personally I always felt he should have been in 64 over Jigglypuff. And if he ever was in there I hope that's who he replaced(although first 12 will probably not get replaced).

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post

I see what you mean, but I always thought 'The More, The Better' in these games to be honest. Bowser Jr would be a good one!


Unlike the Adventure Mode in Melee, I always wanted an specific adventure mode for each character. Like I guess some would be similar stories, but the Boss would reflect the characters you choose. Mario/Luigi/Peach/Yoshi to face Bowser or...Giga Bowser? Fox for Android? Pikachu/Jigglypuff/Meowth for...Mewtwo/Lucario or maybe even....Arceus? (Mewtwo/Jigglypuff is in Brawl too right?) Link/Zelda for Gangdolf(idk how to spell his name lol)

Then works the other way around for being Bowser for Mario/Luigi, etc and Wolf to face Falco/Fox, etc. And the Ice Climbers/Mr Game and Watch would just simply face the Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand or whatever else they added...since they aren't popular or something?

That's just me dreaming though right? LOL
I dunno if we could gear a story mode to every character or every few. If we did that would be great. But I personally found Subspace Emissary quite entertaining. So if they could build upon that I'd be conent.

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Petey Piranha!! King favorite in Mario Kart Double Dash back in the days haha

Anyway, Mewtwo was easily my second favorite character to Fox McCloud. I'm disappointed now Are there still Pokeballs as items? Is Mewtwo in those or still a trophy or is he just flat out gone from Super Smash Bros for good?
Pokeballs are still items. Seems they haven't included Mewtwo. But apparently he was planned to be a playable character in Brawl. I know a lot of people want Mewtwo back and I can understand why. Too say him and Lucario are clones seems a bit of a stretch. Only thing similar is Shadow Ball to Aura Sphere.

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