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This is the new thread where you can ask how much your card is worth. Don't be afraid to help out with the pricing. Doing it all by myself is pretty boring and time-consuming and I'd like to learn what sources other people use for pricing their cards.

Remember there is to be no selling on PokéCommunity. This thread is only to ask about the typical value of a card. If you wanna sell, you'll have to find another community online for it.

As a courtesy to those who are pricing cards, do not list more than 4 cards at a time! If you have listed 4 cards and they haven't been priced yet, wait until they're priced! 4 at a time per person per pricing round is a reasonable limit to keep things manageable for those who actually care enough to price out cards! Personally, I will only price the first 4 cards you list if you list more than 4 before I've had a chance to price out your first 4! The only exception to this is asking about an entire set, which counts as one card for the purpose of this rule, since 90% of the time, there's precedent for selling a completed set together.

When listing a card, please provide as much information as possible. The ideal information consists of the following:

1. Card name.
2. Set the card is from. You can tell this by the set symbol located either in the bottom right corner of the card or to the bottom right of the picture.
3. The collector's number (the number in the bottom right corner of the card that goes something like 1/102 or 1/64 or 1/99) of the card.
4. Whether it is first edition or not (as in, does it have a 1 inside a solid black circle to the bottom right of the picture). This only applies to cards from sets released before the Legendary Collection in English. Japanese cards, on the other hand, are a different story.
5. Whether it is shadowless or not (as in, having no shadow behind the picture and not having bolded HP text). This only applies to cards from the Base Set (the only set that has no set symbol).

And one more thing:

Please do not ask for prices of commons and uncommons, as they are generally worth less than $0.50 apiece. If you did not know, these are the cards that have a little black circle (black circles indicating a rarity of common) or a little black diamond (black diamonds indicating a rarity of uncommon) on the bottom right corner of the card. The reason this rule has been added is because too many people are asking about prices for commons, and pricing is too time consuming to price out cards of these rarities when the vast majority of these are worth less than fifty cents. Some notable exceptions to this include very useful Trainer cards that are legal in the current modified format.

As an added note, this thread is exempt from the rule that states there is to be no double posting. Though spamming is completely not okay.
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