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    Originally Posted by Gafl View Post
    I see... I think. I'm sorry but I couldn't understand that last part. Did you mean 1MB for all of the .midi together or per?

    Another question. How feasible is it to change the way how text is displayed? Like instead of you just going up to a person, talking to them and text appearing at the bottom of the screen you go up to a person, talk to them but the screen turns a bit dark and a picture of the main character and the person they're talking to appear while the pictures sometimes change to convey emotions? Like in other RPGs?
    Well its not simple. It would be very hard to have the screen turn darker. I know that in FireRed (with a bit of ASM) you can go grayscale. Not sure if its possible in Ruby however. As for the faces it is very much possible in Ruby BUT you would have to place the mugshots in the sprite slot of normal pokemon. For example you could take away Mankey's battle sprite and put in your hero's mugshot. Then for each emotion of the person you would need a new pokemon to replace. However between Celebi and Treecko there are 25 ???'s that aren't used in the game in which you could replace first.

    Originally Posted by BDHORNZ View Post
    I have a question which came in my mind it possible to play hacks online? I want to play pokemon b/w online and I am playing Blaze Black(a b/w hack),so can I just play online
    with normal b/w players even though I play a hack??
    Are you referring to trade and such with normal player's or a MMORPG (Mega Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)? For the furthermost it would be a no. But for the first it may be possible if you are on a laptop that gets a Wi-Fi connection perhaps. I've never used a DS Emulator so I can't be sure.

    Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
    I can't help you with these questions, sorry guys, but I have one, too.
    How can I edit the in-game text? Like what Prof. Oak says and other things like every single YES/NO box? Because I want everything to be written in small letters, like in the DS Games.

    My problem is: A-Text does not work, I get an error message... So is there an other possibility?

    Thanks, Reygok
    Why yes there is! It's not as simple to use as A-Text but it adds a lot more possibilities. You would have to use a script editor and the scripts are the movements, actions and words that happen during the game. I would recommend XSE (eXtreme Script Editor) in HackMew's Tools Factory. It is very useful but like I said its not easy to use like A-Text so refer to Diego's Scripting Tutorial for information on how to learn.

    ~coming soon~