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@Everyone: There's really no need to reserve, seeing as there are unlimited spots. xP But sure. Go ahead and work on your SUs. |D

@Kiklion: You are correct in that people get the abilities of the pokespirit they are fused with. The only real restriction of the fusion is that your character's face must remain minimally if at all morphed. That is to say, they should be clearly recognizable, perhaps with fangs or markings of some sort is about it. Basically that's meant to keep characters reasonably human-like.

Also, roughly somewhere around 80-120 years has passed since the start of the fallout. (Get it? Pokemon Fallout? Fallout from pokemon? Genius!)

That being said, nobody from before the fallout /should/ still be around, though it's not technically impossible with a good enough explanation.

@Saturated Hue: Weeell... The /expectation/ is at least once a day on average, just like PTA. Also like PTA, you're free to post as frequently as you like, so long as you don't start bunnying other characters. So in that sense I regret to say that the posting system is very similar to PTA's. I cannot predict the frequency because it is up to the RPers. I /recommend/ once a day, however, as some RPers will get frustrated and move on without another character if asked to wait days for a post.

Sorry. =<

Edit: Lots of apps/reservations right away. I've submitted the IC thread. Gosh. I haven't even had time to make my characters. xD But that's okay.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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