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    Nikolai Afon - Stockholm, Sweden

    Nikolai looked over as Natalia exited the plane as well. He smiled, it was good to have some company. He stood there, breathing in the cool Sweedish morning air. He felt slightly awkward though, he had never been great at conversations, or at starting them. Fortunately for him, Natalia spoke up first, "So, Afon. Do you have any family?"

    Nikolai felt some sadness in him, remembering his parents. "No. Not anymore. I never knew my mother, I assume she died. I'm not really sure, I didn't ask my father about it. My father...died a few years ago in a car crash. We weren't particularly close, but...I still loved him. I was in America at the time, I didn't know what to do. So I got exported back to Russia, in the care of another family until I was eighteen. So, thats my story. I dont know if my mother is even alive, I dont know if I have any siblings. Its a bit frustrating at times..."

    He was about to ask Natalia about her family when he heard a voice from behind them, coming from what seemed to be just empty space. "Natalia. Don't be scared. I'm Helena, the girl Atticus picked up, and I'm invisible. Atticus needs help to get past the gate guards."

    Nikolai, after getting over his intial shock of someone standing next to him being invisible, looked over at Natalia. "This could be a bit of a problem. Is there anything you think I could do? Or maybe you could just drag Atticus through a wall or something to get past?"
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