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    Originally Posted by Speedster View Post
    Well its not simple. It would be very hard to have the screen turn darker. I know that in FireRed (with a bit of ASM) you can go grayscale. Not sure if its possible in Ruby however. As for the faces it is very much possible in Ruby BUT you would have to place the mugshots in the sprite slot of normal pokemon. For example you could take away Mankey's battle sprite and put in your hero's mugshot. Then for each emotion of the person you would need a new pokemon to replace. However between Celebi and Treecko there are 25 ???'s that aren't used in the game in which you could replace first.
    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    One way to do that is what speedster said, however I know for a fact I've seen a tutorial on how to make "mugshots" appear, and I've seen it in a hack too...I just don't know where the tutorial is. JPANs hack engine has a picture display command which will display images without having to substitute pokemon for it.
    Thank you both for your help. If you remember what hack had these "mugshots" then please inform me. I've played a hack of Emerald, I think it was Pokemon Skye or something like that, and they had pokemon from all 5 generations. What are the chances of success of getting all pokemon in a hack of Ruby along with completely new music for towns, routes, battles for the gym leaders, elite four, champion and individual music for 8 "teams" along with these "mugshots?"