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    Let's do this by type:

    Normal: Probs something like Rattata. Mainly for their annoying prevalence and their uncanny ability to irrate me by using Quick Attack.
    Fighting: I have no strong feelings of dislike towards Fighting critters, but if forced to choose, probably Tyrogue. I don't really like its design, especially in contrast to its evolved forms.
    Flying: Hewwo Delibird, you useless ice bird of crap!
    Poision: Sooooo many to choose from! Eenie meenie miney Zubat!
    Ground: I'm surprised at this one, but probably Stunfisk. It is really, really, really bad, however.
    Rock: Geodude can just go die in a hole somewhere. Suffers from the Zubat problem of unrelenting prevalence.
    Bug: Surskit's just bleh. Masquerain has its redeeming qualities, but Surskit is just bleh personified.
    Ghost: Sableye's typing should normally mean that I'd love it, but it's horrible to use, so I don't.
    Steel: Go away Mawile. I honestly don't get how it's a Steel critter in the first place.
    Fire: Torkoal is really unremarkable as a Pokemon, to be honest.
    Water: If I'm being honest, probably Surskit again, but let's use this opportunity to throw that **** Goldeen under a bus. Who does she think she is, anyway?
    Grass: SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! It's like Christmas come early. But let's go with Sunkern for being particularly pathetic.
    Electric: Probs Pichu, although I actually like Pichu a lot in comparison to most other Baby Pokemon.
    Psychic: Easiest call of all of them. The worst Pokemon in the world: Unown.
    Ice: Delibird should take this again, but in the interests of diversity, I'll go for Swinub, who always seems to use Detect when I'm about to make it faint. ANNOYING!
    Dragon: Druddigon looks reeeeeeeally fugly. That is all.
    Dark: Sableye should take this one too, but Poochyena will be my choice. Annoying mutt.

    Well, that was fun! There's never a bad time to vent. :D