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Erika Onzanem -- Washington D.C., Virginia

Erika sat down on a bench with a cup of coffee in her hand she'd purchased from a nearby coffee shop. In her other hand she held a humble looking but surprisingly delicious pastry. They had been too expensive to buy many of, according to her sense of expensive. However, she hadn't been able to resist a light snack. On her shoulder rested the strap of a purse containing a romance novel and a book on roman culture and daily life she had been reading, as well as several other personal belongings such as money, ID and whatnot. She was currently in Washington D.C., near JFK Airport specifically. She had been drawn by the presence of Atlantean groups in the area via a broadcast. Yet... now that she had reached D.C. she realized she did not know where to go from here. She'd come all this way and gotten lost.

Erika got several strange looks from bypassers, mainly because of her comically oversized pants, which literally often required her to hold them up or use a belt. She tended to prefer the latter for anything involving much walking. She wasn't currently wearing one however, as there was a reason for having such loose pants. Quite simply, it was better than having reasonably sized pants that promptly ripped apart when she activated her powers. She was here to attempt to embrace and learn about her apparent heritage as an Atlantean. That meant she had to stop hiding her powers. It was all so exciting! She kind of wondered how much history must've been lost with the atlantean society. And yet she was too anxious to use her powers right then and there. She was borderline ready, but the thoughts of drawing unnecessary negative attention held her back. Thus, she was distracting herself with food as she tried to think of how to handle the situation at hand best.

...Perhaps she could ask around? But who would she ask? Perhaps she could try a shop owner of some sort and go from there. For now though, she had snacking to do. Thus, Erika allowed herself to relax on the bench, sipping away at her drink and allowing her mind to drift from more important matters, at least for a moment.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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