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    Again, I don't need a link for diegoisawesome's tutorial, I read it 10 times already and used it a lot for my hack, I have a first town and the beginning of a storyline. I KNOW how to script.
    What I want is change the whole Intro of the game (FireRed btw), the Items names, and so on, every little thing that's already in the game and written in CAPITAL letters. I want everything to be written normally, like in the DS games.
    That's why I loved A-Text, but it's no longer working, I get that blabla.OCX error, and, no matter what I do, I can't fix it.

    Thanks for your help, but I'm hacking a german version, so the offsets don't match here

    Could the A-Text problem be caused by my Windows 7 64-bit? Because everything I do to fix it involves files with '32' in it?

    EDIT: Foget about it, I found the solution I wonder why I did not try this earlier: Compatibility Mode. Now A-Text runs smoothly Now I could use a .ini for a german FireRed...

    Whatever, new question:
    I want to make it possible to run in houses, following this:
    BUT I don't know how to do this, can anybody pls help me?