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Multiquote has officially become my new best friend. I still need to know where the amount of money the player has is stored in memory, so if anyone can tell me, that'd be awesome

Originally Posted by Reygok View Post
Thanks man :D
But how can I find strings on my own? Because there are many other things I want to change, too..
There's a mini-tutorial on strings about three pages back on this thread. Basically, each letter in the game is a different byte. Just make a long string of bytes to write things, and you can also search for these strings in the ROM to edit them in a hex editor.

Originally Posted by darkprince909 View Post
Is there any way to make the doors on Emerald behave the same way the doors on Firered do? I mean the number of tiles that the animation uses. If not, It's no big deal and I can just edit the door animations to look like that. And I still haven't been able to figure out how to use the cmda6 command for the snowy grass that I posted 2 pages ago. If someone that knows how to use these things could PM me, I'd appreciate it.
I thought I'd already cleared this up. I'm almost 100% sure the cmda06 command has nothing to do with the snowy tiles, and instead has something to do with Soot Sack. This is based on a video I saw stating that cmda06 is a way to make tiles do certain ASM code. I do not know in what way this work, but it is not relevant. The snowy/ash grass instead works like a setmaptile command on each grass tile. When you step on it, it changes the snowy grass to the not-snowy grass, and adds a little puff on ash for realism. It won't work right if its got something on the layer above it. This is supported by the original game, where none of the ash grass tiles are behind any trees. The only solution you can do is either turn the ash grass into a tile animation like the tall grass, or not put snowy grass behind a tree. Both of these are easily do-able, as I've seen a post somewhere on the research and development on making different grass animations.

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.