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    Originally Posted by redriders180 View Post
    I thought I'd already cleared this up. I'm almost 100% sure the cmda06 command has nothing to do with the snowy tiles, and instead has something to do with Soot Sack. This is based on a video I saw stating that cmda06 is a way to make tiles do certain ASM code. I do not know in what way this work, but it is not relevant. The snowy/ash grass instead works like a setmaptile command on each grass tile. When you step on it, it changes the snowy grass to the not-snowy grass, and adds a little puff on ash for realism. It won't work right if its got something on the layer above it. This is supported by the original game, where none of the ash grass tiles are behind any trees. The only solution you can do is either turn the ash grass into a tile animation like the tall grass, or not put snowy grass behind a tree. Both of these are easily do-able, as I've seen a post somewhere on the research and development on making different grass animations.
    Well I looked at the tutorial for cmda6, and there was nothing mentioned about the soot sack specifically. My guess is this particular tile with the particular tile behavior reacts to the cmda6 script. I tested these tiles on a map without this script and there was no animation and no finding of wild pokemon. And it also does work when theres something on the top layer as well. The problem I was having with it was that I don't know how to link specific tiles together for the script to change them how I need them to. The snow covered grass always changed to the grass with the snow shaken off. Every other block in the tileset that i give this behavior byte to always switches to a certain other block in the tileset, which I put one half of the tree on. So basically, half of the tree with grass behind it works. What I need to know is if theres a way to manually link the blocks together so that I could have a certain block always change to a certain other block, like how the normal snow-covered grass always changes to the grass with the snow shaken off, when I have this script active.

    It'd be similar to this, I'm guessing, except say the red blocks were normal snow grass, blue was the left side of the tree, and white is the right side of the tree

    Sorry if I'm just missing something, but I don't think you quite understood what I was asking with that, and I might not have explained it as well as I could have.