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Aaron and Cherelyn were walking through the forest talking, having a great time, but always watchful for other trainers. They were taking a rest on a mossy log when they suddenly heard the earth shake.

Cherelyn almost fell off the log, while Aaron stood up. What was causing that? Was it an earthquake? Then it hit them, it was a Pokemon battle. They also heard a piercing Screech. They decided to go towards the noise.

While going towards the assumed battle, they hear a lot of buzzing, like a rampage of bug Pokemon. They decided to peek through the trees and found some trainers with their Pokemon.

There was a big barrage of Bug Pokemon and only three trainers. They debated on helping them. Cherelyn wanted to help, but Aaron was afraid that they wouldn't be trustworthy. In the end, Cherelyn won.

Aaron and Cherelyn jumped in, right beside the three trainers and sent out their Pokemon, ready to help.
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