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    I'm super excited for this! I'm downloading it now and I really can't wait to see how it is. I will be writing a reply/review to let you know how I think it's going and if you don't mind I'm willing to suggest ideas if I come up with any while I'm playing.

    I really love your character choices and main plot though, it's almost like an anime. XD Sounds to me like Arceus is a jerk, man. Mew didn't really voluntarily create Mewtwo and shouldn't really be at fault for the creation, but that fits with the character of Arceus, mad with power and willing to blame anyone for what he doesn't like.

    Herp, Imma start a list as a play through so I don't forget XD Just throwing this out there now, I'm not a grammer nazi but the game will look more professional with proper spelling so I'm going to make note of anything I find :3

    In the begining when I talk to Froslass(fav ice pokemon! :D) she tells me to look out for pokemom XD silly typo but it's worth pointing out :3

    If doable, I really miss the enemies having a viewable HP bar

    Electrike tells me about Mt. Thunder, he says "You will find Master Zapdos here." he should say there intead.

    (Mareep made me lol and zapdos has a fangirl XD LOL!)

    Hmmm, At the meeting of the legendaries Ho Oh says that I would have been smitten. I think you mean smited as smitten is a word for being in love X3

    When talking with buneary Zapdos says I instead of I'll or I will. Hehehe I eat you XD

    HURRRR Y U HATE ME?!?! The field of bunearys is hell DX I keepgetting trapped between 4 of them, they're insanely hard to talk to cuz of their size and I keep feeling like I'm talking to the same ones since they're all moving :/

    Finally found hte brother bunny and he said "sometihng"

    The battle with sceptile was very doable and balanced i thought, though I have a huge lack of items and thats really kicking my put in the sea of poison and paralysis that im currently waging through XD

    I'm really quite surprised that the program doesn't offer a different battle system other than random encounters, you would think overworld battles would be an offer, a vastly more appealing system

    I really suggest more healing stations as it is i have very few healing resources and im avoiding battles because of it, which in turn is keeping me from getting berries which is preventing me from buying more resources. The whole thing is turning into an abusive cycle honestly :/

    If you intend to have the 3 birds as your main party for the majority of the game (with exceptions for party guests) then I suggest adding more character developement to make stronger, more enjoyable characters. Right now I feel like I should like them because their legendaries but honestly I really only like Articuno and he just isn't very well established. Zapdos has an annoying attitude and Moltres is just kinda bland. I get the feeling like the relationships are suposed to be Articuno and Zapdos are constantly picking on eachother and Moltres plays the middle keeping the friendly peace but as the fire type I kinda expect him to be more of a spit fire, right now he just seems mildy annoyed with tasks and bored of most things. I know that in only 2 hours worth of game developement I shouldn't expect a ton of personality details and everything but I just thought I'd make a note of that. I wouldn't mind just having the 3 birds if I felt they were strong, compelling characters that I wanted to stand by and support, fighting through the game to see the success of their goal.

    HAHAHA Mewtwo is so awesome ;D The battle goes on for too long though, I healed before I started but with so few resources I really struggled and totally ran out of PP, I did win though (lol wooper died though XD)

    Wooper gets a little excited after the battle and says WHere XD

    "we dont have time to waste on another shrimp." it says with in game (that might just be nitpicking though :O)

    I really enjoy most of the music and the graphics are pretty nice too If you wanted I could try my hand at pixel versions of the ingame drawings just to make the styles more similar, but that is your choice (They're really nice btw )

    No Wooper, you cannot help and I allow you to stay dead in battle! XD He's a silly little character though

    I haven't finished playing but I'm tired atm, I'll pick up and finish asap though!
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