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Joshua Meier – Syndicate Headquarters, Birmingham, England

Joshua watched intently as Leon concentrated; with legs splayed and eyes closed, the boy was gathering the electricity inside him, breaking it apart and forming it back into to new forms. He watched as Leon thrust his hands forward, the electricity travelling down his arms and forming in his palms, but as Leon’s brow furrowed, Joshua guessed something was going wrong. He did not expect the electrical charge to escape through the skin on Leon’s arms, dissipating outwardly. Taken completely unaware, Joshua was struck and thrown back a meter as Leon cursed in Italian, holding onto his arms which showed minor electrical burns from the outburst. Walking around for a bit helped Leon to cool off, and soon he returned to his previous position.

As Joshua pushed himself up off the ground, he heard Leon mumble, “Hang on, let me try it a different way..." This time Leon positioned himself in the same way as before, but instead his hands were facing each other, electricity crackling between them forming into one ball of electricity. Joshua was about to interrupt when Leon began to pull his hands apart from each other, splitting the ball of electricity in the process; much more organised than on the first attempt.

”Looks like I was wrong…” he thought to himself as, for a moment, the electricity cackled chaotically before Leon subdued it back into shape. Gathering the electricity at the tips of his fingers, Leon then fired them off at the targets, producing black scorch marks on the centre bulls eye on the targets.

“There’s your ****ing two forms,” Leon said sounding both displeased and arrogant.

“Well done, but it still took long for you to form them. Only through practice will you be able to do it more quickly. Now before we move on, I need you to do several more.” Joshua was not afraid of pushing Leon beyond his limits, if he never reached his limits, then he would not learn to extend those boundaries and become powerful. Power was something Joshua was sure fuelled Leon; drove him in a sense. At this point in time, he was crawling, getting nowhere fast, but once he stood up, and then Leon would realise how rapidly he could come to grow, how powerful he could become.

After several failed attempts and many more successful attempts, Leon was beginning to look a little exhausted from the training, yet from the quality of his latest attempts, Joshua was sure that Leon was ready for what they had planned for him.

“Training for now is finished…” Joshua didn’t get time to continue before one of his assistants came running down to meet them.

Between breaths, the man managed to splutter, “We’ve done it sir, it’s complete.”

Giving a nod of approval, Joshua thanked the assistant and turned to Leon, “if you would kindly like to follow me, I have a present for you, for all your hard work training. Joshua was finally relieved that they had finished the project he had set them; despite it taking longer than needed. Coming into the room, Joshua noticed they had cleared some desks, placing a table in the middle of the room, the item on that table; the thing they had been working on for so long, lay under a velvet red cloth.

With a single nod from Joshua, one of the assistants pulled the cloth off, revealing their work, “say hello, to your new friend… The Corona.” Joshua announced.

Lying on the table was a two pronged fork about the length of an arm, around sixty centimetres in length. The two prongs were attached to the central handle on either side, with a small spark plug looking attachment between them. The handle itself, wrapped in leather, had copper wiring imbedded in leading up under the spark plug. Four large coils wrapped around each prong, starting at the centre and working their way up. At the tip, a small three pointed star was preceded by two smaller coils. The Corona was ready to use.
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