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Remeber what I said about imageshack forcing that image limit thus meaning people need to reupload all the images and either start a new thread and/or replace all the urls manually for their LP images if they were with imageshack?

I've made up a program for myself that'll likely be able to replace them with new image urls if one reuploads the pictures and they have a consistent url throughout (e.g., - same url bar the 'image__' part of it.

So if anyone is in the same pickle I was with that and their imageshack images have a consistent naming scheme followed by a number ignoring the imageshack part of the url for images (in other words, I had for instance:
then I can adjust my program so you can replace image urls in a post if you save it to a .txt file automatically after a few extra small steps. Just throwing that out as it might be useful for more than myself.