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Here's my SU so far, i'll finish my History and Roleplay post later. :3

Name: Scarlet Johnson

Nickname: No Nickname.

Age: 12

Sex: Female

Appearance: Scarlet is slightly tanned on her legs and arm's, but her face and all the rest are more pale. Her eye's are a sort of Aqua emerald color, they shine in the sunlight and her eye lashes is super short. Scarlet hardly blushes, it's a sort of light red mixed with a bit of light pink. Her hair is a really dark, creamy pink color. She likes to wear it in a ponytail to the back and leaves a long, very thick strip of hair going down the front on each side, up to her breasts. Scarlet wears a big, white ribbon/bow to keep her ponytail in and has bang's a that hangs right above both her eye's. She wears a white, long sleeved top with a small stripe across the border of the arm sleeve and a thicker stripe next to it. Scarlet's nail's are painted in a dark red, and her left hands thumb has a small black heart sticker on it. Her top has a pink, color thing at the top with a orange tie like thing except but in four pieces, and it dangle's at the edge of the color thing. The color thing has a white, line at the top that turn's into a hump near the bottom. The other side is identical. Scarlet wears a pink, mini skirt that's the same type of pink as the neck color thingy. It has a white, thin line at the top of the skirt with a white ribbon at the left side and at the bottom of the skirt there are ruffles. She wears a white, leg bracelet on her leg. It's three centimeter's bellow her skirt on the left leg. The rest of Scarlet's leg is all plain, same on the right one. Scarlet wears white sock's on both her feet, both of the sock's has a small, white ribbon at the side. She wears a pair of pink trainer's with white shoelaces and a pink star on the back.


Personality: Scarlet, in one word is sweet. She isn't to harsh on people, she's more kind. Scarlet is also sort of lazy, her older sister's were lazy to and due to that Scarlet became lazy to. She doesn't like to run or do many things but if it's really needed Scarlet would get more active and go go go. Scarlet say's allot of words wrong, which can sometimes come out on the wrong end and upset people. Then again, Scarlet always cheer's up people well and gives them a good laugh if there depressed, and even if they aren't Scarlet loves to make people laugh. She is also a very good at encouraging people to do what they want, and to never give up. Yet sometimes Scarlet does the opposite. Scarlet is a very great at convincing too, which comes in handy allot. On the negative trait's, Scarlet can get greedy and selfish at times, but luckily she hardly does. She always want's to get the last word in argument's and keep's them going on. Scarlet does what she want's and never let's people tell her what to do, it's her own way of saying 'You can't boss me around' or 'You can't tell me what to do'. When someone start's to be mean or annoying to Scarlet, she talks back, no matter who it is. She never hit's or punches anyone, but a time could come where she slap's someone on the cheek or pinches them. Scarlet also likes to taunt people, she does this allot. But on the bright side, Scarlet is a good athlete which is one of the main things that makes her move more.

History: 4 lines minimum

Species: Leafeon

Nickname: Syrena

Personality: Syrena is a very calm Leafeon, she likes to nap and be lazy just like Scarlet. Syrena also likes to brush people with her leafy, soft tail.

Moves: Synthesis, Magical Leaf, Grass Whistle, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance and Giga Drain.

Opening Post (This will be what we use to determine whether your writing skills are good enough. If accepted, you may feel free to copy paste your post here into the IC thread.): I would recommend a minimum of 8 lines and a maximum of 20, but it's your choice.

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