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    Originally Posted by Cello View Post
    OH CRAP, Why didn't I think of this sooner? Remind the users to find a nice but catchy way to advertise their LPs in their signatures!
    This worked out well for me when I was doing LPs. I made a nice banner linking to the thread in my signature so that way when I posted elsewhere in the forum other people would see it.
    Usually people will just make a text link but that tends not to catch peoples attention as much as a banner.
    Maybe someone (Me?) could make a variety of different generic signature banners that LPers could use to advertise their thread(s).
    That's a great idea. I, for one would certainly love a proper signature showcasing my LP topic (replacing my 5 year old broly stuff, of course).

    Someone mentioned that one of the problems is that this is a sub-forum. Is there no way to request a change so that we're no longer a sub-forum? Or is this nigh impossible?

    I would also love to take part in events and whatnot if any were held.

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