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    here is what i have so far. ill probably finish it tomorrow when i come home from school. its getting kind of late here and im super tired lol.

    Name: Johnny Sylvester

    Age: Sixteen.

    Gender: Male.

    Position: Co-leader.

    Appearance: Being quite petite for his age, Johnny only stands at a measly five feet and five inches. His hair is a deep, dark brown that’s cut short on the sides, but flips up in the front. His eyes are almost as dark as his hair and his lips are of average volume. His face is free of scars or any other imperfection, leading him to be egotistical at times.

    While running around town causing havoc, Johnnys usual attire consists of a pair of black jeans that hug tightly around his legs and a white collared button-up. Wrapping around his neck is a thin silver chain that a cross dangles from. On his left hand, he usually pairs his necklace with a two-finger cross ring. Its not that Johnny is particularly religious, its just that he likes the look.

    Personality: Known as the comic-relief of Team Rosecrystal, Johnny is quite the funny boy. While he can crack a joke every now and then, his real forte lies in pulling pranks. Sadistic, snarky, and testy, he loves pushing people buttons. Due to his undying love for mischief, Johnny has a small amount of close friends. Even though almost everything that spews from his mouth is laced with sarcasm, he truly loves his friends and pokemon.

    During a battle, Johnny will do as much as he can to not only eliminate his opponent, but to also humiliate them. He views life as a joke and never takes anything to seriously. Besides his pokemon, Johnny also takes pride in his appearance. Not only does he enjoy dressing himself up, but also keeping his pokemon looking the best they can.



    Team: (Leaders have 3-6, Co-leaders 2-4, Closest Grunts 1-3)

    Species: (The Pokemon)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Level: (10-30)
    Attacks: (Up to 6. TM and egg moves aloud.)
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