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    Originally Posted by Gothitelle. View Post
    Hello, I'm new to competitive battles, so I hope I could win with my team. I made it on Pokemon Online.

    @wide lens ;Modest
    SpAttk:252 Sp:144 Def:52 SpDef:60
    -Stealth Rock
    -Thunder Wave
    -Focus Blast
    -Grass Knot

    Bisharp is better off with an Adamant Nature because it has crap Sp.Att.
    It can act as a defensive Pokemon with an Impish Nature, but it still has low HP that doesn't go well for defenses.

    Bisharp @ Life Orb / Leftovers
    Adamant | Defiant
    252 HP 252 Att 4 Spe - It wouldn't outspeed anything so just make it bulky enough to last.
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Sucker Punch
    ~Iron Head
    ~Brick Break / Night Slash

    @wise glasses ;Modest
    SpAttk:224 Spd: 172 SpDef:88 Def:24
    -Air Cutter
    -Ancient power

    Charizard is better off with Life Orb or Choice Specs. It has mediocre defenses and HP, so it is better to make it an attacking Pokemon.
    Charizard @ Choice Specs / Choice Scarf
    Timid | Blaze
    252 Sp.Att. 252 Speed 4 Def
    ~Air Cutter
    ~Flamethrower for Accuracy / Fireblast for Power
    ~Focus Blast
    ~Hidden Power Grass

    @wise glasses ;Modest
    SpAttk:252 Spd:228 Def:20 SpDef:8
    -Shadow Ball
    -Wacuum Wave
    -Shock Wave

    Gallade has the same verdict with Bisharp. If you want a Psychic special attacker, use Gardevoir. Also, three special attackers within a team isn't going to work out well. You need balance in your teams.

    These would be my Special Attackers. They are decent in strength and Gallade is the strongest of this portion of the team. I focused more on offenses than defenses but I gave them some defense EVs. Reason why they are Special is because they could learn so many Special moves, so I didn't want to waste their poetenal.

    Tho Bisharp acts as a defensive Pokemon, she still has some power to take down another Pokemon.

    Knuckles (Sawk)
    @rocky helmet ;Adamant
    Attk:252 Spd:156 SpDef:60 Def:40
    -Karate Chop

    Espio (Throh)
    @rocky helmet ;Adamant
    Attk:252 Sp:120 Def:136
    -Stone edge
    -Vital Throw
    -Poison Jab

    @muscle band ;Adamant
    Attk:252 Spd:252 SpDef:4
    -Rock Slide
    -Brick Beak
    -Low Sweep
    -Faint Attack

    And these are my Physical Attackers, they are the strongest Pokemon in the group and with so many great moves, I couldn't say no. Gothitelle is the strongest and the more skilled of the three.

    Here I focused more on offensives and speed since Physical Attackers are rather slow.
    First, your team needs a bit more of balance. Also, you should also try to know what each Pokemon can really do since you confuse some of the Pokemons with monster Attack to be a Special Attacker. The usual Pokemon team is composed of the following.

    1. Lead - Entry-hazard placer, Attacking Leads, Dual Screeners, and a lot more.

    2. Physical Sweeper - name speaks for itself, but some are fast killers, boosters, and some are even slow sweepers.

    3. Special Sweeper - same with #2.

    4. Cleric/Utility - Wish, Aromatherapy, Heal Bell, Hazer, Pseudo-hazer, Rapid Spinner

    5. Physical / Special Wall - Bulky pokemons to sponge damage

    6. Revenge Killer - name speaks for itself, usually equipped with a choice scarf.

    You may want to know more about the Pokemon you want to use by studying their base stats and know what role they play in competitive battling,