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    It seems that everyone has been discussing, but I have yet to reply to this. XD

    Originally Posted by mewlover22 View Post
    Read all the comments and im working on a new professor sprite and as for meleny that is not may don't you people read pokemon adventures. As for the boulders that has been fixed. As for Kim and Jay kim is okay jay is getting a new overworld sprite. Also as for team i worked on this for 6 months + and don't need help at all. As for everyone else who has things to say don't unless its to tell me how good im doing i had 7 people test this and my main tester said i did everything okay. And ???? is not your main rival and that building is yet to be completed and tile errors will be fixed forgot to when i upgraded to new version of starter kit. And as for my starters i picked the 3 i wanted anybody got a problem then i will no longer update this page and finish this on my own.
    Sorry but rudeness won't help you create a game. Sure, I don't read Pokémon Adventures, but I know for a fact that 'Meleny' is character that has already been used. Are you JUST giving Jay a new overworld sprite, because their sprites need to be changed, not just overworlds. Just because you've been working on this for six months doesn't you 'don't need help at all'. Brian Cox doesn't do his programmes all by himself, or he'd get lost near the start of the process. Never turn down help, that's what can make your game even better. Other people have the right to say what they want, and just because you've had 7 testers, the main one saying your game was 'ok' doesn't mean you have nothing to worry. That's 7 people opposed to hundreds or thousands that are wanting to see a really good game. Also yes, I do have a problem with the starters you've chosen. I won't have a problem if you have chosen those starters logically and looked over that decision, but if not, I advise you go do that now.

    I'm not trying to be rude to you, no one was, but if you're going to turn our advice down, then maybe that's the road you've decided you want us to guide you down.
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