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    Originally Posted by Vociferocity View Post
    your list is missing gamebryo and unity, two excellent engines for game development

    e: oh wait, I see you have unity in the misc section! it might be useful to point out that the languages it uses for scripting are c#, its own terrible language, and javascript. I think unity uses a slightly different version of js? I'm not sure, though! I've only ever used c# with it
    Thanks for this .

    This is wrong however,
    its own terrible language
    Unity uses C#, Boo, and Javascript aka Unityscript. Boo is not unity's it is similar to Python and Unity only supports using Boo. The support is not good. I use Unity C# and/or Javascript(UnityScript). I will continue to use Unity to create my projects its a great engine for all platforms and all sort of projects.

    Also you got the Unreal Engine but I dont see the UDK(Unreal Development Kit).

    Also as much as i hate torque i also done see TGEA, Torque Game Engine Advanced. Last time I checked it was stull supported by them
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