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@ Forever: Regarding the Community Night times, we could decide on two times which we will cycle through every CN. For example, CN2 would be 8 at night, but the next CN we have would be 8 in the morning (same time zone as before). Then, we would just use those two times over and over. That way, mostly everyone could participate in either of those times, and we wouldn't have to decide on a time before every CN we hold. Obviously, it isn't possible for everyone to participate at one CN because of time zone restraints, so two separate times should suffice. This would allow more time to spent on deciding tournament themes as well. Additionally, we could decide on specific day each CN would be held on. As in, CN could be held on every other Saturday.

Clan activity depends on the owner. There's only so much Anti and I can do for clans in general, other than the Hunger Games event that was going to happen. There is one clan event I am going to introduce eventually, but it requires at least 7 members (or 5, I suppose) from each clan to happen. Otherwise, I will quote T&E rules that you are responsible of management and keeping your event/clan active. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to clans; you can do pretty much anything with it to increase activity (i.e. start up some tournaments within the clan, find some way to encourage members to battle and chat more, etc.). Be creative. Still, I am starting to think that the PC tournament will distract the focus from clans, so the tournament is being delayed until clans are more active. Something similar to Hunger Games could happen, though.

@ Dark Azelf: Funny, I have also been thinking about making use of the server ladder. In fact, it would be a better option than hosting the PC tournament right now. Think about it, there really isn't enough battling happening on the server. This a battling community/server after all, and the ladder will emphasize that. If we had a server ladder, finding battles would be much more convenient (and we could even test our teams here, heh). Not only this, but we could incorporate clans into this as well. For example, any battle I have with a fellow clan member could be added to my clan. "But what if I want to battle on the ladder without them being counted as clan battles?" Well, we could put an asterisk beside our names (i.e. blubberchomp*) when we don't want our battles to be added to our clan. By doing that, it also won't affect the user's main account ranking. Basically, it would be an account for testing teams without having to change our name entirely.

Additionally, the server ladder wouldn't require much effort to host (or any at all, depending on how it's done), unlike the PC tournament or any other event. Even during times when I am too busy to host an event, the ladder will still be there for battling. The ladder would be an easy, albeit minor way to maintain activity. It would also add to making the community feel more like one, because then we would be able to actively battle on the server without needing other server ladders. (Obviously, the other server ladders are needed after battling the same people with the same teams over and over at PC.) Another idea I am throwing out here: if we have a Wi-Fi ladder, it could be combined with the Quick Battle Thread.


1. Usage statistics would be difficult to do because we need a specific script for that. Smogon doesn't have their scripts public, so I would have to ask Antar at Smogon or whoever that made/has the scripts. PO server is out of question, since they don't have anything in their scripts regarding usage statistics. Then again, I do recall the server having a folder for usage statistics, which would be on Petie's computer. But honestly, it seems like more trouble than it's worth since this is only for fun. The top 20 would probably just be whatever is on your teams anyway lol.

2. I don't have anything against running our own suspect ladder. I thought it might have been a fun idea back then. However, I don't want "PC's OU" to be standard play here; Smogon OU should stay as that. Since it would be annoying to make teams for both Smogon and PC. We don't have a large enough user base to test teams entirely, and with a different ban list, we wouldn't be able to on Smogon. Also, I think explaining the reasoning behind our vote(s) could end up being too tedious. Ladder requirements or simply being a regular should be enough.

Also, we should give megausers to every regular (y/n)? For those who don't know, megausers lets the user to make server tournaments.